Wall Street Journal - Jan 17 2023 - Speed Reading

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Clues Answers
“A Series of Unfortunate Events” brother KLAUS
“Dead Poets Society” director Peter WEIR
“Not so great” MEH
“Verb” or “adjective,” e.g NOUN
“___ Visite” (Truffaut short film) UNE
*“Actually...” YOUKNOWWHAT
*“Get ready to feel a lot of feels” CUETHETEARS
*“I only need a minute,” or a guarantee about this puzzle’s theme ITLLBEQUICK
*1970s aquarium pet SEAMONKEY
*Doris Day signature song QUESERASERA
*Mascara and liquid liner Eyemakeup
2022 World Cup host QATAR
Additionally ALSO
Big word on a dollar bill ONE
Bit of body art, for short TAT
Burning pile PYRE
California’s Santa ___ winds ANA
Casserole sphere PEA
Checkers at SFO TSA
Choir voice ALTO
Civil rights leader ___ B. Wells IDA
Cleared (of) RID
Dermatology topic ACNE
Designer Christian DIOR
Doja Cat specialty RAP
Eel on a sushi menu UNAGI
Farmiga of “The Conjuring” VERA
Functions USES
Get smart LEARN
Goddess of the dawn EOS
Grow bored with TIREOF
Had regrets about RUED
Hosp. areas ORS
In need of a massage ACHY
In pieces APART
Insect in a cocoon or chrysalis, e.g PUPA
Internet setup device ROUTER
Clues Answers
Journey TRIP
Leave the beach? EBB
Like many a country highway TWOLANE
Little ___ (Brighton Beach nickname) ODESSA
Meyers of late night SETH
More active SPRIER
New and improved REINVENTED
Number on a whiskey bottle AGE
Ocean predator ORCA
Painter Matisse HENRI
Patti with three Tonys LUPONE
Person with a J.D ATTY
Polar bear’s place ARCTIC
Pre-merger location ONRAMP
Protein-rich legume, to Brits SOYA
Raggedy dolls ANNS
Ranter’s emotion IRE
Reached great heights SOARED
Reading before the semester starts PREWORK
Saints quarterback Dalton ANDY
Searcher’s question WHERE
Set on a course? CLUBS
Smartphone precursors PDAS
Status ___ QUO
Stir-fry vessel WOK
Supporter’s vote YEA
Takes shots off the field? TRASHTALKS
Target of prayer rug prayers ALLAH
Tarnish SULLY
Tasty bites MORSELS
The Beatles’ “Eight Days ___” AWEEK
Timetable, informally SKED
Wed. follower THU
Winter Palace inhabitant TSAR
Yard division FOOT
Yemen’s capital SANAA
___ Mae (Whoopi’s “Ghost” role) ODA