New York Times - Jan 17 2023

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Clues Answers
'Aw, rats!' [Dutch, Swedish] DAGNABBIT
'I think we're done here' ... or a hint to translating each of the four shaded words in this puzzle LETSCALLITADAY
'It was all ___!' ('They were just pretending!') ANACT
'Uh-uh' NOPE
'You win' ILOSE
A panda's is almost entirely bamboo DIET
Actor John, Sean or Mackenzie ASTIN
All for one and one for all ASATEAM
At any point EVER
Bovine : cow :: corvine : ___ CROW
Cacophony DIN
Cartoon collectible CEL
Center MIDST
Clique GANG
Collapsible camping gear TENT
Command just before giving a dog treat SIT
Command-S, on a Mac SAVE
Contraction in 'Deck the Halls' TIS
Couple's 60th anniversary [Spanish] DIAMONDWEDDING
Cry from a congregation AMEN
Cubans, for example CIGARS
Desires YENS
Easy targets SAPS
Elder Obama daughter MALIA
Electrical transformer named for its creator TESLACOIL
Facts and figures DATA
Family-friendly, as films RATEDG
Fitting APT
Furniture giant whose name is an acronym IKEA
Gerund suffix ING
Goes with someone else [German] TAGSALONG
Hamilton's notes TENS
Is tiresomely long, as a meeting DRAGS
Kings of ___ ('Sex on Fire' quartet) LEON
Letter-shaped opening in hardware TSLOT
Lifetime, for the U.S. Supreme Court TERM
Clues Answers
Lincoln ___ (toy set) LOGS
Long (for) PINE
Mine, in Marseille AMOI
Nullify VOID
Obsolescent devices with Rewind buttons VCRS
Odd exception ANOMALY
One of more than 14,000 in Minnesota LAKE
Parent company of Facebook META
Perched on ATOP
Phrase sung 36 times in a 1970 Beatles hit LETITBE
Pie ___ mode ALA
Plow-pulling pair OXEN
Prep school about an hour by train from London ETON
Proctored event EXAM
Professional connections INS
Prognosticator ORACLE
Rhode Island, with 'the' OCEANSTATE
Saunter AMBLE
Scroll through a few books? TORAH
Secretly included, in a way BCCED
Show the merits of, say DEMO
Singer/activist Billy BRAGG
Sketchy behavior SHADINESS
Sort of cellphone text, for short SMS
Stick around awhile LAST
Substance in a petri dish AGAR
Taken care of, with 'with' DEALT
The N.C.A.A.'s Crimson Tide, to fans BAMA
They get walked all over MATS
Things filling an agenda ITEMS
Votes into office ELECTS
Whom one might go see at 'tooth hurty,' per a classic joke [Czech] DENTIST
Widens, as a pupil DILATES
Word after rock or rubber BAND
You might give something up for this LENT
Zero, zippo, zilch NOTONEIOTA
___ a soul (no one) NARY