L.A. Times Daily - Jan 15 2023

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Clues Answers
"Abbott Elementary" network ABC
"Buenos días" HOLA
"Clean up on aisle five" tools MOPS
"Enough!" STOP
"Fast Money" cable network CNBC
"I want nothing to do with this!," and how to make the six starred clues match their answers LEAVEMEOUTOFIT
"Is it worth the risk?" DOIDARE
"Monsters, __" INC
"Montero" singer Lil __ X NAS
"Pitch Perfect" actress __ Mae Lee HANA
"Skyfall" singer ADELE
"Totally horrible" SOBAD
"Understood" NOTED
"__ willikers!" GEE
"__, vidi, vici" VENI
*Beemer with a "Fighting Spirit" MODELOESPECIAL
*Charmed, e.g LEAFYGREENS
*Dreamed every possibility WORRYYOURSELFSICK
*Firmest offer STARTINGBID
*Ramen from a restaurant DINEDANDDITCHED
12/24, e.g EVE
Actress Dahl who is Lorenzo Lamas's mother ARLENE
Actress Plimpton MARTHA
App with pics INSTA
Apple tablet IPAD
Cal. neighbor ORE
Carry a balance OWE
Cash dispensers ATMS
Casserole pasta ZITI
Central Florida city OCALA
Chapter in history ERA
City with a view of Vesuvius NAPLES
Comfortably familiar HOMEY
Commerce pact until 2020 NAFTA
Connecticut's Charter __ OAK
Corn servings EARS
Covertly add to an email BCC
Crescent on Pakistan's flag MOON
D.C. daily WAPO
Dev of "The Newsroom" PATEL
Disney heroine voiced by Auli'i Cravalho MOANA
Disputes BEEFS
Emphatic refusal ISAIDNO
Enters, as data INPUTS
Fail to mention OMIT
Fairy-tale bear MAMA
Fearful AFRAID
Feature of some debit cards CHIP
Figure of speech IDIOM
First month of el año ENERO
Fitting APT
Flea market warning ASIS
Flying formation VEE
Fragrant fir BALSAM
Frilly underskirt PETTICOAT
Generous GIVING
German appliance brand MIELE
Go on LAST
Headey of "Game of Thrones" LENA
Hoodwink CON
International gas brand ESSO
Lawn party site YARD
Legal org ABA
Loch resident, familiarly NESSIE
Longtime Chicago Symphony conductor SOLTI
Loser to the tortoise HARE
Lounge on a train BARCAR
Clues Answers
Many an irs.gov download FORM
Marinara tomato ROMA
Maritime NAVAL
Meet-__: rom-com device CUTE
Military training groups CADRES
More slick ICIER
Musical finale CODA
Noisy insect CICADA
Novelist Patchett ANN
Oakland's county ALAMEDA
One making jerky, perhaps CURER
Origami need PAPER
Oxen harness YOKE
Painter Monet CLAUDE
Painter's layer PRIMER
Part of Q.E.D ERAT
Pascal of "The Mandalorian" PEDRO
Past due LATE
Pear-shaped instrument SITAR
Pedometer button RESET
Penny prez ABE
Per unit APOP
Place to retire INN
Plopped down SAT
Poker variety HOLDEM
Pop Warner football division PEEWEE
Poutine topping GRAVY
Pro Bowl org NFL
Quit working suddenly, as an engine SEIZEUP
Rebecca Solnit's "__ Explain Things to Me" MEN
Reef explorer SNORKELER
River formations DELTAS
Rock singer? SIREN
San __ Fault ANDREAS
Saudi Arabia neighbor YEMEN
Scottish caps TAMS
Serenaded SANGTO
Small 34-Down MINI
Small building block ATOM
Small jazz combo TRIO
Snoop (around) ROOT
Snoop (around) NOSE
Spanish kiss BESO
Square one? NERD
Steadfast belief DOGMA
Strip on a bench SLAT
Switch positions? ONOFF
Tabula __ RASA
Taffy type SALTWATER
Tazo beverage TEA
Tee-__ HEE
The Grand __ Opry OLE
Thom __ shoes MCAN
Tom Wolfe coinage for frivolous activism RADICALCHIC
Twirled (around) SPUN
Viral social media posts MEMES
Was connected HADANIN
Welling up TEARY
Willing partner ABLE
Winona of "Stranger Things" RYDER
Workplace safety org OSHA
Yamuna River city DELHI
Yet again ANEW
__ bean LIMA
__ buco OSSO
__ colada: tropical mocktail NADA
__ Grand: Las Vegas casino MGM
__ homo ECCE
__ Lingus AER
__-friendly USER