Family Time - Jan 15 2023

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Clues Answers
"Haus" wife FRAU
Abe Lincoln's home state ILLINOIS
Adam and Eve's son SETH
Applaud CLAP
Blood flow stoppage CLOT
Blueprint item SPEC
Butter serving PAT
Cambodian capital RIEL
Come up empty (2 words) LOSEOUT
Deadly snakes ASPS
Europe's third-longest river URAL
Every day has one DATE
Farmland measurement ACRE
Floating among the clouds, e.g ALOFT
Follow orders exactly OBEY
Goo for a 'do GEL
Hang loosely DANGLE
Historical stage ERA
How to apply perfume SPRAY
In someone else's business NOSY
It fills balloons AIR
It helps you visualize things EYE
It may keep your head warm HAT
It picks up people on corners BUS
It's not the truth LIE
Jamaican citrus fruit UGLI
Keys or Silverstone ALICIA
Lawyer's org ABA
Lend a helping hand ASSIST
Clues Answers
Make a mistake ERR
Material used in making bowling balls URETHANE
Miner's find ORE
Move faster (2 words) HURRYUP
Not be well AIL
Paid players PROS
Part of a badminton court NET
Person breaking ground HOER
Prefix with "ballistic" or "dynamic" AERO
Punching tool AWL
Quantities that can be carried on you POCKETFULS
Quidditch position CHASER
Remove a rind from fruit PARE
Safecracker, in slang YEGG
Scottish lake LOCH
Sewer rodent RAT
Shaker's contents SALT
Shrek is one OGRE
Songs sung by two people together DUETS
Southeast Asian language LAO
Starbucks, e.g. (2 words) COFFEESHOP
Street urchin WAIF
Sweetener SUGAR
Type of school PREP
Vivid red SCARLET
Whale of a tale SAGA
Without footwear UNSHOD
Young dogs PUPS
Young lady of Spain (Abbr.) SRTA
Your dog or cat, for example PET
___ Lanka SRI