Universal - Jan 15 2023

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Clues Answers
"About the pass which went way over my head ..." IDIDNTCATCHTHAT
"As for the ball here that the QB just gave me by mistake . ICANTHANDLETHIS
"At Home With ___ Sedaris" AMY
"Break My Heart" singer Dua LIPA
"Greetings, mate" GDAY
"J'Accuse...!" author Emile ZOLA
"Love ___ neighbor" THY
"Piece of cake!" EASY
"Regarding the anthem, as a means of protest ..." IWONTSTANDFORIT
"Turkey Day" day: Abbr THU
"Welcome to Chippendales" streamer HULU
"Welcome" additions to a doorstep? MATS
"You ___ to know better!" OUGHT
"___ till you drop" SHOP
ABC documentary series narrated by Whoopi Goldberg THECON
Advice seen on PopSugar, maybe BEAUTYTIPS
Belly button type INNIE
Break in the action LULL
Bug in "A Bug's Life" ANT
Catlike FELINE
Confused ADDLED
Corn Belt state IOWA
Cracker brand since 1934 RITZ
Crafty website ETSY
Dorm unit ROOM
Evens the score TIES
Garden statue GNOME
Gas station often attached to an ampm store ARCO
Go ___ (decline) SOUTH
Grain-storing structure SILO
Hebrew holy text TORAH
Hit the road GETGOING
Horribly urgent DIRE
Initial phases of software bug checking ALPHATESTS
Leo, to Jerry, on "Seinfeld" UNCLE
Light on one's feet AGILE
Like a bright future ROSY
Like many ASL speakers DEAF
Clues Answers
Like Tullamore Dew whiskey IRISH
Little bit of cream DAB
Mainstream ___ MEDIA
March by, as paraders FILEPAST
Martial arts move also known as a knifehand strike KARATECHOP
Nail, as a stand-up routine KILL
No longer chic PASSE
Not pro- ANTI
Olympic gymnast Comaneci NADIA
Onion rings, say, for a burger SIDE
Operatic solo ARIA
Pack and send SHIP
PC core CPU
PC key above shift ENTER
Play hooky SKIP
Prepare to drive a golf ball TEEUP
Rapper Minaj NICKI
Really, really OHSO
Region AREA
Seemingly forever HOURSONEND
Shelter near a campfire TENT
Shipwright in Genesis NOAH
Show utter disdain for, in a way SPITAT
Speaker's spot DAIS
Stare open-mouthed GAPE
Surrealist Max ERNST
Sushi fish that isn't consumed raw EEL
Take the helm STEER
Thumbs-down votes NOS
Toilet paper layer PLY
Tortoise's rival HARE
Trivial PETTY
Twosomes DUOS
Upper limit CAP
Wing it on stage ADLIB
Word with "jay" or "jeans" BLUE
Words to an "old chap" ISAY