The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,966 - Jan 13 2023

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Clues Answers
Adult underwear picked up in the sunshine? ABASK
British island protected by French vessel on American body of water TASMANSEA
City's former special police after fashionable old writer INVERNESS
Constant love in vigil over Native American CHOCTAW
Curling regularly pared part of a bone ULNAR
Cut up nothing, devouring game earnestly EXANIMO
Did rail, northbound, for free DELIVER
Do not disturb unaccompanied spring holidays taken retrospectively? LEAVEWELLALONE
Last pair taken from shoe shop SNEAK
Laze mindlessly, seen regularly around desert NEGEV
Leisurely walkers better ignoring leader, heading south AMBLERS
Mediocre performer wanting praise, forgetting line after overacting HAMFATTER
Need to stop by Sudanese recycling plant BLACKEYEDSUSAN
Old Italian footballer recalled first couple of internationals — it's a long time since he scored ROSSINI
Clues Answers
Ordinary bloke initially escaping suspicion surrounding complete maverick ODDONEOUT
Playing safe, my risk wins multi-tasking aid SWISSARMYKNIFE
Regret about an eastern monarchy spinning charm ENAMOUR
Risky to upset old royal supporter YORKIST
Sanction Diana, for one, bearing crosses ENDORSE
Smooth ridges going west SLEEK
Something signifying a huge amount in colloquial little typo LITERAL
Song period mostly covered by book — inferior revised thesis BLESSTHISHOUSE
Stadium leaders saving skin in short newspaper section COLOSSEUM
Starts to see phantom, true ghost from the past SPRIGHT
Turn down drink KNOCKBACK
US city hospital in area north of Maine, abandoned ANAHEIM
Wish to bend arm LONGBOW
Work component of photo scanner TOSCA