Universal - Jan 12 2023

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Clues Answers
"Got it" ISEE
"Nope!" UHUH
"She's a Lady" songwriter Paul ANKA
"Star Trek" role played by Takei SULU
"Will do" ONIT
Artist Magritte RENE
Astronaut's wear GSUIT
Author Deighton LEN
Battling ATWAR
Big name in chips INTEL
Bigger than big MEGA
Blow a ___ (get really mad) FUSE
Came down to Earth ALIT
Conclude END
Converse competitor FILA
Destiny's Child, e.g TRIO
Draw into a trap ENSNARE
E.R. personnel RNS
Enthusiast BUFF
Essence of some mushroom soups? MORELCHARACTER
Feature of a giraffe and a lion MANE
Feels the need to cover one's eyes CANTLOOK
Flashy jewelry BLING
Flips out LOSESIT
Fringe benefit PERK
Fusilli and vermicelli PASTAS
Gambling game with numbered balls KENO
Gomez Addams' cousin ITT
Greek Mars ARES
Gulp from a flask SWIG
Half of twenty-eight FOURTEEN
Hardly courtly RUDE
Health-care insurer owned by CVS AETNA
Ink online ESIGN
It involves finger spelling: Abbr ASL
Its state flag is not rectangular OHIO
Jump the line CUTIN
Clues Answers
Kind of down EIDER
King Charles III's started September 8, 2022 REIGN
Language suffix ESE
Like a slightly pale borscht? MISSINGABEET
Like good advice SAGE
Manipulator USER
Maritime "Stop!" AVAST
Meghan's partner HARRY
Mosque leaders IMAMS
On the subject of ASTO
Outer boundaries EDGES
Pear also known as the Kaiser BOSC
Photo-sharing app, for short INSTA
Pike or perch FISH
Rowers' implements OARS
Second start? NANO
Sliced into strips, as trout FILLETED
Smooth in a woodshop SAND
Societal standard NORM
Sport that uses a trap SKEET
Sportscaster Andrews ERIN
Strong coffee ESPRESSO
Stubbornness symbols MULES
Tax form IDs SSNS
Tennis great Monica SELES
Tree in the beech family OAK
Trunk sculpture TORSO
Vichyssoise vegetable chopped into five-sided pieces? PENTAGONLEEK
Voyages TRIPS
Water tap FAUCET
Wax's opposite WANE
What a seafood soup with poorly prepared mollusks has? MUSSELWEAKNESS
Wilson of "The Office" RAINN
Word before "roaring" or "current" RIP
Words of clarification IMEANT
___ the Terrible IVAN