USA Today - Feb 8 2023

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Clues Answers
'. . . but I could be wrong' ORNOT
'But still . . .' YET
'I was simply putting it out there' JUSTATHOUGHT
'I wasn't the only one?' YOUTOO
'Such an unexpected delight!' WHATATREAT
'There's no time to waste!' DONTDELAY
'___ Kids' (2001 movie) SPY
A pep talk might boost it MORALE
Aliens (Abbr.) ETS
Always telling people what to do BOSSY
Best Jockey and Best Game, for two ESPYS
Butcher shop cuts LOINS
Carbonated drinks SODAS
Chicago-___ hot dog STYLE
Chore around town ERRAND
Concert bonuses ENCORES
Contouring targets NOSES
Cookie in a grasshopper pie recipe OREO
Coral's habitat SEA
Course that meets in a gymnasium PECLASS
Curve in the road BEND
Dart like a hummingbird FLIT
Document of ownership DEED
Doenjang-jjigae vessel POT
Double Dutch need ROPE
Economy stat GDP
Element in some blue glassware COBALT
Engrave in glass ETCH
Expert in a field SPECIALIST
Finds intolerable DETESTS
Foamy espresso drink LATTE
Gambler's calculations ODDS
Greek god of the underworld HADES
Green stone for bangles JADE
Guy with reindeer SANTA
Halle, to Chloe SIS
Home bases, for short HQS
Clues Answers
Indoor football venue ARENA
Jackson State, for example SCHOOL
Lipstick mishap SMEAR
Make some initial progress GETATOEHOLD
Mends with stitches DARNS
Monopoly cube DIE
Nagayaki fish EELS
No-cost FREE
Not at home OUT
Ocean's rise and fall TIDE
Other, in Spanish OTRO
Part of a how-to STEP
Phone downloads APPS
Poke and ___ PROD
Pork and turkey, for two MEATS
Prefix paired with 'het' CIS
Remain in place STAYPUT
Rowing needs OARS
Sandwich with a crunch BLT
Sections of history books ERAS
Sense of self EGO
Short-term worker TEMP
Singer and actress Della REESE
Sound in a cave ECHO
Stars of auto shows CARS
Still undecided UPINTHEAIR
Takes a lease on RENTS
The French version is topped with toasted bread and melted cheese ONIONSOUP
Throws in ADDS
Treatment for hot flashes HRT
Type of poem ODE
Udaipur's continent ASIA
Vineyard measure ACRE
When most roosters crow DAWN
___ Alto PALO
___ chi TAI