Universal - Jan 11 2023

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Clues Answers
"It matters to me" ICARE
"It's a sauna in here!" IMHOT
"You and me both!" (first 2 letters + last 1) JOINTHECLUB
Ad award CLIO
At a great distance AFAR
Bakery sackful FLOUR
Beast of burden ASS
Body covering SKIN
Bring home the bacon EARN
Bronte heroine Jane EYRE
Buck or doe DEER
Bygone Russian royal TSAR
Claims used as collateral LIENS
Clark of the Daily Planet KENT
Coffee source BEAN
Columbus sch OSU
Consumer advocate who ran for president four times RALPHNADER
Contribute ADD
Crafted MADE
Early Peruvians INCAS
Earsplitting LOUD
Egyptian peninsula SINAI
Elite English prep school ETON
Emotional wreck MESS
Emphatic lead-in to "yes" HECK
End of a sandwich order ONRYE
Fishing lure BAIT
Flowers at Texas homecomings, briefly MUMS
Fully stretched TAUT
Garment under a dress SLIP
Genre for Styx and the Stones ROCK
Give color to? DYE
Gorilla, e.g APE
Great Basin tribe UTES
Gymnast Mary ___ Retton LOU
Hardy or Holland TOM
Hardy or Holland ACTOR
Hardy or Holland BRIT
Invigorating concoction TONIC
Clues Answers
It flies off the shelves BESTSELLER
Jekyll and Hyde, e.g. (first 2 letters + last 2) DUALPERSONALITY
Little green men: Abbr ETS
Mall anchor, often (In this answer, note the first 2 letters + the last 3) CHAINSTORE
Many a Yemeni ARAB
Modern slang for "Alas ..." WELP
Neptune's home OCEAN
Not prone to goofing around STERN
Objective AIM
PBJs' meaty cousins BLTS
Physicist Niels BOHR
Puts a label on, say MARKS
Quarterback's plunge play SNEAK
Rational SANE
Ready for business OPEN
Road trip lodging INN
Script part LINE
Set in stone? ETCH
Singer Paisley BRAD
Softball implements BATS
Soreness ACHE
Spicy Asian cuisine THAI
Sturgeon eggs ROE
Sty serving SLOP
Sty sound OINK
Sunny courtyards ATRIA
Taj ___ MAHAL
Teacher of the Torah RABBI
Throat ailment, in brief STREP
Title character in a "Breaking Bad" spinoff SAUL
Tries something dangerous (first 2 letters + last 2) TAKESARISK
Very concerned (first 3 letters + last 1) WORRIEDSICK
Video game pioneer ATARI
Voice, as grievances AIR
Wedding desserts CAKES
Were in accord JIBED
___ Elise Goldsberry ("Hamilton" star) RENEE
___ lights (car parts) BRAKE