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Clues Answers
"13th" director DuVernay AVA
"All booked up, sorry" ICANT
"Dark Angel" star Jessica ALBA
"I got — in Kalamazoo" AGAL
"M*A*S*H" actor David Ogden — STIERS
"Manhattan Beach" novelist Jennifer EGAN
"Me? Never!" NOTI
"Royal," in 20-Across REALE
"Yabba dabba —!" DOO
"You are not!" retort IAMSO
A single time ONCE
Activity that will be unsuccessful when applied to this puzzle's theme? FAULTFINDING
Adobe Acrobat file PDF
Aeries, e.g NESTS
After a time LATER
Aladdin's monkey pal ABU
All tied up EVEN
Allowance QUOTA
Animated 2016 Disney film MOANA
Aug. follower SEP
Autograph: Abbr SIG
Awful review PAN
Beats of life PULSES
Being filmed ONCAMERA
Ben of "Zoolander" STILLER
Big bees QUEENS
Big cheeses VIPS
Big name in cosmetics LOREAL
Big primate APE
Broadcaster AIRER
Buffalo's county ERIE
Catch sight of SPY
Catch sight of SEE
Chou En- — LAI
Cider fruit APPLE
Clutch sitter HEN
Cole Porter's "— Love" SOIN
Coll. in the Old Dominion State UVA
Dallas Stars' org NHL
Derby, e.g HAT
Design detail SPEC
Division of a long poem CANTO
Dressed for nighty-night INPJS
Driver's 180 UIE
Early TV host Jack PAAR
Earthy hues, to Brits OCHRES
Elicitor of a rave review FLAWLESSPERFORMANCE
Emceeing aid MIC
Excellent etiquette IMPECCABLEMANNERS
Famed Steelers play of 1972 IMMACULATERECEPTION
FedEx rival UPS
Feel awful AIL
Film scorer Morricone ENNIO
First-aid plant ALOE
Forever — day ANDA
German for "eight" ACHT
Gig hookup AMP
Go into a major tizzy PANIC
Gold-related AURIC
Goldfish and minnows are members of it CARPFAMILY
Green sushi condiment WASABI
Hans Christian — ANDERSEN
Healthy intellects SOUNDMINDS
Hertz rival ALAMO
Home of the NFL's Bucs TAMPAFL
Hoover, e.g VACUUM
How-to unit STEP
Husbands-to-be FIANCES
IHOP topping SYRUP
Introducing PRESENTING
Irish actor Stephen REA
Clues Answers
JFK Library architect IMPEI
Klutzy sorts OAFS
Large parrots MACAWS
Levi's, e.g JEANS
List of options MENU
Liverpool loc ENG
Metal in rocks ORE
Mets' div NLEAST
Military vehicle for recon SCOUTCAR
Model Tequila TILA
Naiad or dryad NYMPH
Neuwirth of "Cheers" BEBE
Newton and Asimov ISAACS
Noble acts DEEDS
Nonclerical LAIC
O.J. Simpson trial judge LANCEITO
Ostrich's kin EMU
Partly open AJAR
People giving rubdowns MASSEURS
Picnic pest ANT
Plant swelling EDEMA
Primary MAIN
Printer brand EPSON
Purple flower LILAC
Purplish berry ACAI
Put to work USE
Quaint newspaper section ROTO
Railing sites STAIRS
Rainforests and such UNSPOILEDNATURE
Rare musical gift PERFECTPITCH
Result ENDUP
Roma's place ITALIA
Round one of the corners in Monopoly PASSGO
Samuelsson who got the winning goal in the 1991 Stanley Cup ULF
Sandbox toy PAIL
Satirizes SPOOFS
Sch. in Terre Haute ISU
Sharp knocks RAPS
Singer Celine DION
Sizable vase URN
Small error LAPSE
Smartphone pic, often SELFIE
Sooner than, poetically ERE
Sports sides TEAMS
Strategy PLAN
Styne of song JULE
Suited to — ATEE
Sunni's faith ISLAM
Sup at home EATIN
Symbol of a fresh start CLEANSLATE
The Beach Boys' "Help Me, —" RHONDA
Tolkien brute ORC
Toothpaste tube inits ADA
Tots' haulers WAGONS
Tree's anchor ROOT
TV spots ADS
Up to, in brief TIL
Vaper's item ECIG
Vast span EON
Wasn't penned up RANFREE
Worth of a security at its face PARVALUE
Zodiac lion LEO
— -Z (old Camaro) IROC
— acid (fat substance) OLEIC
— discount ATA
— kwon do TAE
— Moines DES
— wrestling SUMO