Universal - Jan 10 2023

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Clues Answers
"Back when I was a kid ..." ONCE
"Becoming" author Michelle OBAMA
"Bye!" SEEYA
"Classic" cola COKE
"I do" YES
"Thor" actress Russo RENE
"You said it!" AMEN
"___ and the Tramp" LADY
Actress and activist Watson EMMA
Backyard cookout site PATIO
Big ones clash in Hollywood EGOS
Bygone Russian ruler TSAR
C sharp equivalent DFLAT
Cantaloupe and honeydew MELONS
Champion's cry IWON
Change from "Facebook" to "Meta," say RENAME
Chem major's hangout LAB
CNN journalist Jim ACOSTA
Coastal defense structures SEAWALLS
Colorful sign of spring BLOOM
Con artist's victims MARKS
De Armas of "Knives Out" ANA
Donkey's cry BRAY
Fake duck DECOY
Father figures? DADBODS
Feeling of grief LOSS
Fencing blade EPEE
Fitzgerald who was "Queen of Jazz" ELLA
Flavorful spread with dill, maybe HERBBUTTER
Flickering ... or, read differently, what connects 16-, 20-, 36-, 38- and 50-Across? BLINKING
Greek salad cheese FETA
Green morsel in veggie soup PEA
In addition ALSO
Leg joint KNEE
Like a foul odor NASTY
Like some canned fish OILY
Like wine aged in a barrel OAKY
Lion's zodiac sign LEO
Magical charm MOJO
Clues Answers
Meditative master YOGI
Mishmash of items GRABBAG
Move steadily, as lava FLOW
Never stops talking YAKS
Nightmarish street ELM
Oakland's subregion EASTBAY
Opportunity close to home? ATBAT
Orthodontist's deg DDS
Pinto or lima BEAN
Poker payment ANTE
Possess OWN
Potato holder SACK
Prohibit BAN
Raison d'___ ETRE
Rower's necessities OARS
Safari or Chrome WEBBROWSER
Sci-fi spacecraft UFO
Scoundrel BADEGG
Second ___ (last baby tooth, often) MOLAR
Singer Grande, to fans ARI
Site with lots of posts? JOBBOARD
Song with many hallelujahs, say PAEAN
Stand-up comedian's sole prop, at times MIC
State confidently ASSERT
Stroll AMBLE
Take a breather PAUSE
Teen's journal DIARY
Throw caution to the wind RUNARISK
Took advantage of USED
Totally unimpressed BLASE
Transition SEGUE
TV network that covers Wall Street CNBC
Underworld leader MOBBOSS
Words of rejection NOS
Works of Wagner and Puccini OPERAS
___ carte menu ALA
___ d'oeuvres HORS
___ of love LABOR