USA Today - Dec 10 2010

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Clues Answers
"A pox on thee!" FIE
"Because 7 ___ 9" (pun) ATE
"Born in the ___" (Springsteen tune) USA
"Is it soup ___?" YET
"It Ain't Necessarily So" lyricist Gershwin IRA
"None of the above" alternative OTHER
"Three cheers" recipient HERO
Abnormal breathing sound RALE
About one-third of the world's land mass ASIA
Alarm clock button SNOOZE
Allegro ___ (very brisk, in music) ASSAI
Artful dodge RUSE
Author credited on many old poems ANON
Bible's first palindromic name EVE
Blotted out ERASED
Bone-related OSTEAL
Brewery array VATS
Cracked a book READ
Dairy case item COTTAGECHEESE
Emerald Isle language ERSE
Expensive fur MINK
Farthest orbital point from earth APOGEE
Fills a vacancy RELETS
Five-to-two, e.g. RATIO
Grand ___ Dam COULEE
Hardly the Queen's English PIDGIN
Have one's heart ___ (look forward to eagerly) SETON
In ___ (hypothetically) THEORY
Keepsake MEMENTO
Known by very few ARCANE
Lancelot du ___ LAC
Least abundant SPARSEST
Like an optimist's glasses? ROSECOLORED
Make the motor roar REV
Makes a declaration AVERS
Malady of the snowbound CABINFEVER
Muslim's holy book KORAN
New Hampshire's state flower LILAC
Clues Answers
Obviously wasn't brave RAN
Org. for kids with great grades NHS
Painter not paid by the hour ARTIST
Pantry or office item? STAPLE
Park your carcass SIT
Perfume by burning CENSE
Pocket change CENTS
Position on an issue STANCE
Practice fisticuffs SPAR
Preaching the Word SERMONIZING
Refuse to follow suit RENEGE
Renowned painter of ballet scenes DEGAS
Scatter Fitzgerald ELLA
Site of the smallest bone in the body EAR
Soccer objective GOAL
Some kind of a nut? ACORN
Souvenir from a tropical vacation? TAN
Suffix that could be attached to 24-Down OTIC
Tenth-anniversary metal TIN
Text of an opera LIBRETTO
They're out of this world ALIENS
Trundle bed user, perhaps HOUSEGUEST
Twilight, poetically EEN
Twins, once OVA
Two-way poetic preposition ERE
Type of fence PICKET
Undercover worker NARC
Underground treasure ORE
Unmixed, to a mixologist NEAT
Veal serving, perhaps CUTLET
Voyage with Spock TREK
Wednesday was named after him ODIN
What every number is divisible by ONE
Where Moses floated NILE
Windward's opposite ALEE
Word of exhortation ARISE
Wriggling fishes EELS
___ Paulo, Brazil SAO