L.A. Times Daily - Jan 9 2023

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Clues Answers
"As if!" IBET
"Emma" novelist Jane AUSTEN
"Hold on a __!" SEC
"The Vampire Diaries" actress Dobrev NINA
"This won't hurt __!" ABIT
"When will u b here?" ETA
"You really understand me" IFEELSEEN
"__ only as directed" USE
Actress Barkin ELLEN
Actress Lollobrigida GINA
Attempts SHOTS
Australia's __ Barrier Reef GREAT
Award for TV excellence EMMY
Big rig SEMI
Black gemstone ONYX
Black-and-white sea creature ORCA
Bona fide GENUINE
Buzzing facial adornments BEEBEARDS
Cul-de-__ SAC
Eggplant appetizer BABAGHANOUSH
Egyptian serpents ASPS
Elapse, as time PASSBY
Eritrea's capital ASMARA
Espadrille, e.g SHOE
Fed. property agency GSA
Frigid temps TEENS
Fruit-flavored drink brand SOBE
Gather a bit at a time GLEAN
Ginger cookie SNAP
Goddess who wears a headdress with cow horns ISIS
Guy who always agrees with the boss YESMAN
Hole-making tools AWLS
Hollered YELLED
Kathleen Turner comedy featuring super intelligent infants BABYGENIUSES
L.A. arts district NOHO
Largest city in the Bahamas NASSAU
Largest Greek island CRETE
Clues Answers
Like fast-spreading TikTok videos VIRAL
Magic spell HEX
Model Holliday TESS
More than one AFEW
Mythical river of the underworld STYX
Nemesis ENEMY
Open-air alehouse BEERGARDEN
Places for bowling ALLEYS
Play button's alternate function, often PAUSE
Put away, as a sword SHEATHE
Questions ASKS
Rainbow flag letters LGBT
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame trio, and an apt name for a trio of answers in this puzzle THEBEEGEES
Roofing material TAR
Science workshops LABS
Sharp-eyed bird EAGLE
Shoelaces alternative VELCRO
Shrub with colorful flowers AZALEA
Sign above a door EXIT
Slugger Juan who won the 2022 Home Run Derby SOTO
Snoozefest BORE
Solemn bio OBIT
Some spa applications MUDS
South Asian wraparound dress SARI
Start of a title by 44-Down PRIDE
Surround HEMIN
T-bone, for one STEAK
Too sure of oneself SMUG
Tree with smooth gray bark BEECH
Tune (out) ZONE
Underdog victories UPSETS
Untouched serve ACE
Vicinity AREA
Waters down THINS
Well-organized NEAT
Wound covering SCAB
__ 500 INDY
__ of approval SEAL