The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,962 - Jan 9 2023

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Clues Answers
'Grow up pal', she said, 'you are in' MATURE
African-American mostly pursuing knowledge KENYAN
Animal, vegetable, plant HORSERADISH
Appealing and periodically acquitted CUTE
Aristocrat with gongs and rings here EARLOBES
Brief account round home BULLETIN
Conservatives delay demoting leader to begin with — they're unbelievable! TALLSTORIES
Convince strangers to welcome brotherly love? INCEST
Family of Cyril Allen gutted CLAN
From bad to worse in terms of eating and heating? (3,2,3,6,3,4,3,4) OUTOFTHEFRYING
Had a laugh when jilted around the third of July CHUCKLED
Happier when Starmer after change of heart supports leaders of leftist unitary councils LUCKIER
Hot Romeo spotted in local TROPICAL
Innocent king follows ethnic diversity INTHECLEAR
Clues Answers
Larks in bushes CAPERS
Legitimate appalling successor to Elizabeth the second LAWFUL
One leaves mangled genitals in knots TANGLES
Powerless South American island quietly coming up INCAPABLE
Ray indeed is happy DELIGHTED
Simple job to enquire after Yeats edition EASYTASK
Some olives are wasted STONED
Tight old solver's admitting disagreement THRIFTY
Total love for wrestling SUMO
Turns to organisation without seeing the evidence ONTRUST
Two thirds of models fall hopelessly for past lover OLDFLAME
Was uncertain about old elastic pants OSCILLATED
Young Simpson nudging along a spoilt child BRAT