New York Times - Jan 8 2023

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Clues Answers
'Anything for you!' NAMEIT
'Diamonds' singer, to fans RIRI
'Doc' in the Mets Hall of Fame GOODEN
'Eh, what can you do?!' WELP
'Encore!' AGAIN
'Frozen' villain HANS
'Hmm, gotcha' OHOK
'Holy' city TOLEDO
'Nice try, but I don't think so' YEAHNO
'The landlords of New York,' once ASTORS
'The Wind in the Willows' squire MRTOAD
'Uh, sure' IGUESS
'What do we have here?!' OHO
2007 Lil Wayne song that opens 'Young Money! You dig?' AMILLI
Active Sicilian volcano ETNA
Actress de Armas ANA
Ambidextrous features? AEIOU
Annoyances when trying to make change LARGEBILLS
Armpit, anatomically AXILLA
Athlete's cup TROPHY
Baja Peninsula resort, for short CABO
Belt worn with a yukata OBI
Black cat, classically OMEN
Boggy stuff PEAT
Boxing stats TKOS
Broccoli follower RABE
Burrito-shaped lunch counter item DELIWRAP
Challenging, informally GNARLY
Chances ODDS
Cherubic archer AMOR
Choir platforms RISERS
Column crossers + Sentry + _____ ROSEGARDEN
Common solvents ACETONES
Company that owns Wite-Out BIC
Converter of natural heat energy SOLARENGINE
Corleone, for one DON
Couple of llamas? ELLS
Crossed off XED
Dance squat PLIE
Demonstrate extreme flexibility, as an acrobat CONTORT
Digging INTO
Doesn't just sit there ACTS
Doohickey THINGY
European river that's an anagram of REED EDER
Existential emotion ANGST
Eye affliction STYE
Fastener used with a padlock HASP
Flattering verse ODE
Floated down a river, say TUBED
Foil lookalikes EPEES
Follows OBEYS
For fear that LEST
Fragrant noodle soup made with beef PHO
French festival, familiarly + _____ + Actor Michael CANDYCANE
Gangster film prop GAT
Goofus OAF
H.S. science class for some college-bound students APBIO
Hardly Mr. Nice Guy NOGENTLEMAN
Hindu goddess in the 'Ramayana' SITA
Hippocratic oath takers: Abbr DRS
Human rights activist Xiaobo, the first Chinese citizen to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize LIU
Hurry HIE
Iconic 1984 movie vehicle that was a combination ambulance/hearse ECTOMOBILE
Immediately STAT
In the manner of ALA
In the thick of AMID
Influential leader of the Seminole people OSCEOLA
Influential sorts BIGSHOTS
Insult that's also a measurement device DIPSTICK
Clues Answers
Intestinal bacterium ECOLI
Islands that form atop underwater volcanoes ATOLLS
It may have just desserts MENU
Key ingredient in key lime pie YOLK
Language suffix ESE
Like Captain James T. Kirk, by birth IOWAN
Literary award shaped like a rocket HUGO
Making all the stops LOCAL
Making level TRUING
Michael of 2007's 'Superbad' CERA
Milky gemstone OPAL
More than a couple THREE
Most likely to offer solace, say NICEST
Move to a larger pot, say REPLANT
Move, in real estate lingo RELO
Nongendered possessive THEIR
Número de 'Años de Soledad' in a Gabriel García Márquez novel CIEN
One cast in a fantasy movie SPELL
Opposite of neo- PALEO
Part of X-X-X TIC
Path covered with diamonds CARPOOLLANE
Pioneered LED
Polite Spanish assent SISENOR
Portion of a log ENTRY
Power project DAM
Presses CTRL+P + _____ + Easter egg coloring PRINCESSDI
Pretentiously affected ARTY
Promise to pay IOU
Punching tool + Chopping tool + _____ ALLACCESS
QB protectors, collectively OLINE
Quick to think or act AGILE
Real mess STY
Removed, as a knot UNDID
Resistor unit OHM
Response to 'Shall we?' LETS
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame city: Abbr CLE
Rocky Mountain bugler ELK
Rod with seven A.L. batting titles CAREW
Rug rat + Magic stick + _____ TAEKWONDO
Scenic stroll, from the Spanish PASEO
Seoul-based carrier ASIANA
Serpentine constellation DRACO
Small thing to keep on track MODELTRAIN
Soccer score + _____ + Scottish inlets GOLDILOCKS
Some origin stories MYTHS
Some R.P.I. grads EES
Spanish seasoning SAL
Subject of clip art? BONSAITREE
Tandoor bread + Harlem music venue + _____ NONAPOLOGY
Tessellations TILINGS
The 'E' in FEMA: Abbr EMER
ThinkPads, e.g., once IBMS
Time to decide who's in or out ELECTIONDAY
Toilet paper spec PLY
Tweens, e.g YOUTHS
Unteachable sort, in a saying OLDDOG
Vamooses SCOOTS
Villains' antagonists HEROES
Waze suggestions: Abbr RTES
Welcomed at the door SAWIN
Where 95-Down's Wild Ride ends, at Disneyland HELL
Word before the year on U.S. paper currency SERIES
Word of obligation + _____ + Punxsutawney name AUTOFILL
Wraparound garment KILT
[Grrr!] SOMAD
[I'm frustrated!] ARGH
[Is this thing on?] TAPTAP
_____ + Golfer's cry + 'Ugh!' EUPHORIC
_____ + Scroungy mutt + Parent's sister, in some regions AUCOURANT