USA Today - Jan 31 2023

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Clues Answers
'Already under control!' ONIT
'Better adapt, because this is life now!' GETUSEDTOIT
'Care for a taste?' WANTTOTRYIT
'Gah, I'm silly!' DOH
'Succession' surname ROY
'Unimpressed' MEH
'Well, ___ be darned!' ILL
'Yeah, for sure!' OFCOURSE
And others (Abbr.) ETAL
Aware of ONTO
Baseball execs GMS
Becomes arid DRIESUP
Breakfast chain IHOP
Burj Khalifa's country, for short UAE
City where you might get the direction 'Go down Peachtree' (Abbr.) ATL
Cleared some snow PLOWED
Click a floppy disk icon SAVE
Couches SOFAS
Defamation in print LIBEL
Disappointing firework DUD
Disney princess voiced by Anika Noni Rose TIANA
Elf's creation TOY
Exercise outfit WARMUPSUIT
Fashion initials YSL
Flat fish RAY
Formalwear option, for short TUX
From India or Laos, for example ASIAN
Gift attachment TAG
Gold medalist's rank FIRST
Guiding belief system ETHOS
Gustavo Dudamel, for one MAESTRO
Has a slice of humble pie EATSCROW
Kitty's 'hand' PAW
Late person's est ETA
Like the name Destiny for a fortuneteller APT
Like the ruins of Coba MAYAN
Like this face :( SAD
Louis Armstrong's instrument TRUMPET
Makes it onto the Hot 100 CHARTS
Clues Answers
Mami Wata, for example WATERSPIRIT
Modify AMEND
Monopoly cards DEEDS
Morticia, to Wednesday Addams MOM
Natural hairdos AFROS
Overhead covering CANOPY
Paul, Italian-style PAOLO
PC's core CPU
Popular number puzzle SUDOKU
Reach, like a goal ATTAIN
Reel Big Fish genre SKA
Residue from incense ASH
Rock band with a slash in its name ACDC
School support grp PTA
Second-largest planet SATURN
Simple shirt TEE
Skedaddles, in pig Latin AMSCRAYS
Skirts worn with pointe shoes TUTUS
Smart ___ whip ASA
Smart-___ ASS
Smartphone downloads APPS
Something to RSVP to EVENT
Source of solar power SUN
Stone-age diet PALEO
Suffix in language names ESE
They hold up clothes HANGERS
They roll at the end of films CREDITS
Trig, algebra, etc MATH
TV interruptions ADS
Underlying meaning SUBTEXT
Unwilling to accept reality INDENIAL
Urges ahead SPURSON
Wells Fargo competitor CITI
Wet dirt MUD
With craftiness SLYLY
Worshipper of Jah RASTA
Z's value in Scrabble TEN
___ de parfum EAU
___-Manuel Miranda LIN