Universal - Jan 5 2023

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Clues Answers
"Absolutely!" YES
"Always happy to help!" ANYTIME
"If I ___ be so bold ..." MAY
"Laughing" scavenger HYENA
"Quit spoiling the movie!" SHH
"___ + Juliet" (1996 movie) ROMEO
*"What a bummer for you" SORRYTOHEARTHAT
*2004 comedy whose title is stylized with a symbol of love IHEARTHUCKABEES
*Singer who portrayed Catwoman EARTHAKITT
*Type of steel-producing furnace OPENHEARTH
Accept as a member ADMIT
Acrobat's precaution NET
Air freshener brand GLADE
Alias lead-in AKA
Battery for a remote AAA
Baylor University's city WACO
Bit of sunshine RAY
Border EDGE
By way of VIA
Campfire residue ASH
Cat part with toe beans PAW
Chicken ___ king ALA
Chowed down ATE
Crumb carrier ANT
Ctrl-___-Del ALT
Familia's house CASA
Farewell that's bid ADIEU
Financially behind INDEBT
Finishes ENDS
Folk rocker Case NEKO
Forearm bones ULNAS
Formerly named NEE
Gave temporarily LENT
Gelatin substitute AGAR
Globe-trotter, or a hint to the word progressing through the starred clues' answers WORLDTRAVELER
Happily ___ after EVER
Hindu principle of cosmic order DHARMA
Clues Answers
Itsy-bitsy EENSY
Jacobson of "Broad City" ABBI
Jazz group BAND
Move with the music SWAY
Nose around PRY
Of a watery expanse OCEANIC
Penciller or inker, for comics ARTIST
Photo ___ (media events) OPS
Place for elevated music appreciation? OPERABOX
Pomeranian, e.g DOG
Praiseful poems ODES
Qatari leader EMIR
Quesadilla alternative TACO
Quickly message TEXT
Refusals NOS
Scoundrel KNAVE
Seasoned, as peanuts SALTED
Shares on Twitter, informally RTS
Sierra Nevada lake sacred to the Washoe TAHOE
Sipped slowly NURSED
Slip into a role ACT
Snooze NAP
Spelling contest BEE
Summer hrs DST
Tablet with Siri IPAD
The "E" in 46-Down EVE
They're born before Virgos LEOS
Times Square ball drop day, for short NYE
Totally legit REAL
TV spot for social good PSA
What a 10-Across responds to TOUCH
Where embryos grow UTERI
Woks, e.g PANS
Word for photographic blur that rhymes with "okay" BOKEH
Work unit hidden in "power grid" ERG
___ Queen Story Hour (LGBTQ+-friendly event) DRAG
___ room (pool table's place) REC
___ urchin SEA