New York Times - Jan 5 2023

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Clues Answers
'American Psycho' novelist ELLIS
'Veep' actress DuVall CLEA
'___ said ...' ASI
Acclaimed HBO comedy series whose creator stars as himself CURBYOURENTHUSIASM
Agricultural item that Nigeria produces more of than the rest of the world combined YAM
Biblical mount ASS
Biblical mount SINAI
Big competitor of Microsoft and IBM ORACLE
Body image? CATSCAN
Body part that's an anagram of 11-Down ULNA
Can alternative MAY
Certain entry requirement VISA
Certain to happen INEVITABLE
Comes after ENSUES
Compact Volkswagen JETTA
Condiment for a burger CATSUP
Cry at a card table UNO
Dallas pro MAV
Did nothing SATBY
Dips in gravy SOPS
End-___ USER
Ending with leather or towel ETTE
Establishment offering tom yum soup or pad woon sen noodles THAIRESTAURANT
Fake news source? LIAR
Falls behind ISLATE
Fantasy foe OGRE
Fantasy foe ORC
Give up QUIT
Goes toe to toe (with) SPARS
Good name for a marine biologist? RAE
GPS options: Abbr RTES
Haunts LAIRS
It's cut by a dancer RUG
Joie de ___ VIVRE
Kind of column SPINAL
Kind of guidance PARENTAL
Lachrymose TEARY
Leisurely paces TROTS
Clues Answers
Many a fancy hotel lobby ATRIUM
Modern-day site of ancient Persepolis IRAN
Most immediate CLOSEST
Negroni garnish PEEL
Nevada senator Catherine ___ Masto CORTEZ
One of 28 in a Monopoly box DEED
Pilates target ABS
Politico Buttigieg PETE
Pursues, as a hunch ACTSON
Recover from a bender SOBERUP
Relentlessly follow DOG
Rise in the air LEVITATE
Risky baseball strategy that's indicated four times in this puzzle? SQUEEZEPLAY
Roman goddess who's an anagram of 64-Across LUNA
Runs together, in a way COCHAIRS
School board? SEESAW
Sculled, e.g OARED
Self-important types SNOBS
Smallest South Pacific nation NAURU
Soccer great Hamm MIA
Stand-up comedian Wong ALI
Still sealed UNOPENED
Strand in a cell RNA
Summer eruption HEATRASH
The fish in fish and chips, commonly COD
The flowers in Amy Lowell's 'Your great puffs of flowers / Are everywhere in this my New England' LILACS
This is for suckers STRAW
Tips for shoemakers AGLETS
To whom Mama Cocha was goddess of the sea INCA
University with a pelican mascot TULANE
Unwanted responsibility ONUS
Vodka brand, informally STOLI
Wheels on a base JEEP
Within reach NEAR
Word with power or strong SUIT
Work at St. Peter's Basilica PIETA
Yellow-flowered medicinal plant SENNA
___ lab (hosp. location for stent placements) CATH
___ leches (Latin American cake) TRES