Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 19 2023

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Clues Answers
"Bobby" subj RFK
"I see" AH
"SNL" segment SKIT
"Tomb Raider" heroine LARACROFT
"— Blue?" AMI
911 responder EMT
Acapulco gold ORO
Actor's quest ROLE
Beams RAYS
Bracketed word SIC
Church furniture PEWS
Convention freebie TOTE
Dele undoer STET
Diminutive suffix ETTE
Diplomacy TACT
Dutch cheese EDAM
Fill in — blank THE
Flamenco cheer OLE
Frasier's brother NILES
Historic periods ERAS
Hoodlum GOON
Hosp. areas ORS
In the style of ALA
Joke GAG
Klutz OAF
Knock RAP
Lavish party FETE
Lob's path ARC
Lowly worker SERF
Military award MEDAL
Mortgage again, for short REFI
Mowing, and the like LAWNCARE
Napkin's perch LAP
Clues Answers
Nashville venue OPRY
Nevada neighbor UTAH
New newts EFTS
One for the road? CAR
Out of control AMOK
Penny (Abbr.) CT
Philosopher John LOCKE
Pot pie morsel PEA
Relinquish YIELD
Russian river URAL
Sheep's coat FLEECE
Silly goose NINNY
Size up ASSESS
Sports drink suffix ADE
Squealer RAT
Stanley of "Big Night" TUCCI
Supreme Court worker LAWCLERK
Swelled heads EGOS
Take it easy REST
Tennis match parts SETS
Tie the knot MARRY
Tiered bakery buy LAYERCAKE
Tolkien villains ORCS
Toni Morrison novel SULA
Trio after Q RST
Triumphed WON
Unselfish one SHARER
Vent covers GRATES
Whale groups GAMS
Yearn PINE
Zodiac animal RAM
— chi TAI
— loss ATA