L.A. Times Daily - Jan 3 2023

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Clues Answers
"Black-ish" star Tracee __ Ross ELLIS
"Ta-da!" VOILA
"Yippee!" WAHOO
Alphabetically first noble gas ARGON
Amino acid, vis-à-vis protein BUILDINGBLOCK
Aquarium growth ALGA
Basketball commentator Rebecca LOBO
Bite-sized treats whose name means "small ovens" in French PETITFOURS
Cap letters at Busch Stadium STL
Casual rejections NOPES
Change with the times ADAPT
Chicken __ king ALA
Common lab culture ECOLI
Coordinating pillowcase SHAM
Country music sound TWANG
Desirable feature of kids' clothing ROOMTOGROW
Devoutness PIETY
Director Spike LEE
Domino indent PIP
Donkey ASS
Donkey's need, in a party game TAIL
East, in Spanish ESTE
Electric key FOB
Emergency tire SPARE
Fair-hiring initials EEO
Feeling nothing NUMB
Fighting chance? BRAWL
Future flower BUD
Get ready to drive? TEEUP
Grabbed a bite ATE
Home brewer's ingredient MALT
Indigenous language in Arizona HOPI
Jar topper LID
Koalas and emus, in Australia FAUNA
Lead-in to Z or Alpha GEN
Leave out OMIT
Literary captain described as a "grand, ungodly, god-like man" AHAB
Clues Answers
Long-haired lap dog, familiarly PEKE
Major composition OPUS
Mike and __: fruit-flavored candy IKE
Mobile payment app VENMO
New York City district that's home to the Fearless Girl statue WALLSTREET
Nonkosher sammies BLTS
Novelist Atkinson KATE
Overjoy ELATE
Pan Am rival TWA
Paul Bunyan's blue ox BABE
Pay, reluctantly FORKOVER
Place for a scrub SPA
Pomelo peels RINDS
Potter's oven KILN
Prohibit BAN
React to a yellow light, say SLOW
Recedes EBBS
Red carpet walker VIP
Roasting rod SPIT
Roll of dough WAD
Rowboat need OAR
Sign of spring ARIES
Skated by, say GOTAPASS
Slam-dancer's place MOSHPIT
Smile broadly because of one's own achievement, say BEAMWITHPRIDE
Smooth-talking GLIB
Soccer star and equal-pay advocate Megan RAPINOE
Some hairy pets TARANTULAS
Soup du __ JOUR
Spot for un chapeau TETE
Spree JAG
Sweet Sixteen winners ELITEEIGHT
Thai currency BAHT
Touch borders with ABUT
Up and about AWAKE
Void's partner NULL
Working hard ATIT
WSW opposite ENE