The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,957 - Jan 3 2023

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Clues Answers
Back row in Palladium booked in advance PREARRANGED
Backing spoils instrument TOOL
Bearing children is always painful ACHY
Big adjustable spanner a boon to estuary's shipping TOWERBRIDGE
Broadcast overlooks woman's entitlement MRS
Capital tour, lastly to coral island TRIPOLI
Choice morsel of Brie? Precisely PLUMB
Courts approve standard YARDSTICK
Criticise mean bribe GETAT
Devious follower aiming to kidnap a king WILLIAMOFORANGE
Direct lots of deliveries here from time to time OVERSEE
Former English West Country banker EXE
Go after opponents at table, then prosecute ENSUE
Itinerant mounted police working across America NOMADIC
Lottery raised a good deal — order British to split it TOMBOLA
Clues Answers
Make sense of dignitary made public FIGUREOUT
Male jockeys tucked into cereal, a taboo food nowadays? WHALEMEAT
Measuring device for farm vehicle PROTRACTOR
Minions have no means of access, one cell being shared LACKEYS
Outbids American wallies, extreme characters taken in GAZUMPS
Passivity I confronted primarily in country INACTION
Put straight tabloid's missing section with ferocious expression UNSNARL
Strong drink artist put up on shelf ARRACK
Teasing adult I see in very old hat ARCHAIC
They cut bill dropped by flyers at sea RAZORS
This precursor of flood proving ruinously expensive BREAKINGTHEBANK
Translating a poet is no Yankee idler's preference EASYOPTION
Tropical bird's gullet swallowing roughly MACAW
Uncompromising firm's leading chain HARDLINE
Waterproof covering setter in rickety train TARPAULIN