Universal - Jan 2 2023

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Clues Answers
"A League of Their Own" team (In this answer, see the first 2 letters + the last 5) ROCKFORDPEACHES
"Abso-freaking-lutely!" OHHECKYES
"Don't sweat it" NOBIGDEAL
"Enough already!" JUSTSTOP
"Just my ___ cents" TWO
"Nice to hear from ___" YOU
"The Heart of It All" state OHIO
"Toy Story" boy ANDY
Academy Award OSCAR
Apt anagram of tap PAT
Autobahn speed meas KPH
Be of use AVAIL
Bell Labs operating system UNIX
Bisect HALVE
Brazilian dance SAMBA
Carol leapers LORDS
Central Plains people OTOE
Chewy Japanese dessert MOCHI
Coffee, in slang JAVA
Computer file, for short DOC
Confidentiality 60-Down NDA
Cornhole throw TOSS
Cutting tools that can also be instruments SAWS
Cyclist's store BIKESHOP
Dispensary stock WEED
Dominican Republic neighbor HAITI
Door-to-door beauty business AVON
ET on TV, once ALF
Fibbed LIED
Film spool REEL
Good times, to a Brit (first 3 letters + last 4) BEERANDSKITTLES
Graduation garland LEI
Having a high pH BASIC
Heavy weight, in an idiom (first letter + last 4) TONOFBRICKS
High tennis shot LOB
Humble abodes? HUTS
Indian garment SARI
Inquire ASK
Jacobson of "A League of Their Own" ABBI
Clues Answers
Kid around JEST
Large-scale MACRO
Late-night trips to the fridge RAIDS
Length's counterpart WIDTH
Like cirrus clouds WISPY
Like someone head and shoulders above the rest? TALL
Local vegetation FLORA
Log splitter: Var AXE
Lose feathers, say MOLT
Loses fur, say SHEDS
LSAT section? LAW
Lunchroom, informally CAF
Made on a loom WOVEN
Memo header INRE
Merchandise suffix WARE
Mug for the camera POSE
Nickname for Henry HAL
Obnoxious people ASSES
One of 12 in a courtroom box JUROR
Opposite of even ODD
Pages with lots of views? OPEDS
Parts of musicals ACTS
Passion ARDOR
Payroll IDs SSNS
Quickly resells homes (first 3 letters + last 2) FLIPSHOUSES
Red carpet walker, briefly VIP
Shines softly GLOWS
Sitting on ATOP
Spines' spots BACKS
Synagogue focal point ARK
They follow Jet Skis WAKES
They're trying to sell you something ADS
Toothbrush brand ORALB
Two tablets, maybe DOSE
Wampum belt adornment BEAD
Whispered summons PSST
Word before "Liberty" or "Luck" LADY
___ G. Biv (rainbow mnemonic) ROY