Canadiana - Jan 2 2023

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Clues Answers
Afternoon socials TEAS
Before, poetically ERE
Beverage served hot or cold TEA
Bit of matter ION
Black tea ASSAM
British Military org RAF
Canadian snowbirds' destination MAUI
Cheap like ______ BORSCHT
Church booklet ORDO
Common ball point BIC
Common cookie OREO
Conference, abbr MTG
Conservative leader NEO
Costume GARB
Don't give me the _____ GEARS
Encountered MET
Explosive device BOMB
Farm machinery maker DEERE
Goes with feathers, sometimes TAR
Grandma in Gorki BABA
Has the jitters FIDGETS
He's had the ______ BISCUIT
Home to Helen TROY
Lah lah leader TRA
Little lies FIBS
Lovelorn BEREFT
Machine gun BREN
Clues Answers
Mentors GURUS
Military headwear BERETS
Narcotics cop NARC
No ____ GUFF
Notion IDEA
Open, poetically OPE
Paragon IDEAL
Praiseful poem ODE
Prefix for millions MEGA
Regions AREAS
Remorse REGRET
Renovate REFIT
Saskatoon colonists BARR
Sea birds MURRES
Shoe size EEE
Sixties halucenogen, abbr LSD
Skirmish BATTLE
Smallest LEAST
Strafe BOMB
Sunbathe TAN
Swiss river AAR
Terminates ENDS
That'll be a frosty _____ FRIDAY
Timbre TONE
Up and about ASTIR
Wealthy RICH
Worshipped ones IDOLS
You'll need to Stick _____ it HANDLE
_____ frost HOAR