Universal - Dec 30 2022

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Clues Answers
"Science Guy" Bill NYE
"Skyfall" singer ADELE
"What'd I tell you?" SEE
"___ a deal!" ITS
Accumulated GARNERED
Adversary ENEMY
Apple tablet IPAD
Ballet studio fixture BARRE
Bashful SHY
Bearded beast GNU
Biblical possessive THY
Big-screen format IMAX
Blooming bulb TULIP
British country home to 427 castles WALES
Captivate ENTHRALL
Celestial sphere ORB
Cheer syllable RAH
Chitchats TALKS
City slicker URBANITE
Consider carefully WEIGH
Cookie jar topper LID
Cram, like sardines PACKIN
Cunning GUILE
Dandelion remover WEEDER
Delhi dress SARI
Dickens' Heep URIAH
Do better than ONEUP
Exist ARE
Feathery neckwear BOA
Field of study AREA
Flying Pan PETER
Frothy coffee drink LATTE
Gaping mouth MAW
Glorify EXALT
Gnats and rats PESTS
Guys MEN
Had some holiday cookies, say ATE
Clues Answers
Harder on the eyes, as a Christmas sweater UGLIER
It can be acoustic or electric GUITAR
Keyboard time-savers MACROS
Kid's miniature racer KART
Kvetch GRIPE
Lawlessness ANARCHY
Like a sad goodbye TEARY
Lower the status of DEBASE
May honorees MAMAS
Michael of "Weekend Update" CHE
MLB athlete who's played for Cincinnati and San Francisco? REDGIANT
MLB athlete who's played for Cleveland and Los Angeles? GUARDIANANGEL
MLB athlete who's played for Detroit and Chicago? TIGERCUB
Place that's abuzz APIARY
Prepare for takeoff TAXI
Property claim LIEN
Puts the kibosh on NIXES
Secret rendezvous TRYST
Sharpness ACUITY
Sheeplike OVINE
Slangy summons CMERE
Slips and so forth LINGERIE
Sportage seller KIA
Steer clear of AVOID
Strong wind GALE
Student's stat GPA
Suspicious (of) LEERY
Teeny WEE
Texters, at times SENDERS
That lady SHE
Tours of duty STINTS
Toward the stern AFT
Tranquility PEACE
Voters since 1920 WOMEN
Ward off REPEL
Wise Greek goddess ATHENA
___ 101 (East Asian skyscraper) TAIPEI
___ Carlo MONTE