Universal - Dec 29 2022

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Clues Answers
"Not guilty," e.g PLEA
"The Hitchhiker's ___ to the Galaxy" GUIDE
"Two and a Half Men" star Jon CRYER
"Yes, yes," in Yucatan SISI
1987 film about Ritchie Valens LABAMBA
Activist/poet Angelou MAYA
Animal at the end of an alphabet book ZEBRA
Bar mitzvah dances HORAS
Bart Simpson's grandpa ABE
Big name in TVs and records RCA
Big success HIT
Bingo relative KENO
Birth control option, briefly IUD
Blow away WOW
Buttonhole, e.g SLIT
California representative Aguilar PETE
Calls upon ASKS
Cartoonist Aragones who contributed to Mad magazine SERGIO
Casual yet stylish SPORTY
Chums PALS
Coral reef's place SEA
Earn, slangily PULLIN
Electric ___ (possible source of an 860-volt shock) EEL
Environs MILIEU
Follow directions OBEY
Goddess worshipped on the Acropolis ATHENA
Greyhound's smaller relative WHIPPET
High rollers in Chicago? ELS
Hitched WED
Humdrum BANAL
Indicate DENOTE
Just might COULD
Clues Answers
Lauder of cosmetics ESTEE
Laughed heartily ROARED
Marvel Comics group XMEN
Merriment MIRTH
Neckwear holder TIETACK
Only country named after a real-life woman STLUCIA
Originate (from) STEM
Paintings, prints and such ART
Part of the CIA? AGENCY
Pastoral setting LEA
Piece of the past RELIC
Pitch tents ENCAMP
Prefix for "rival" ARCH
Prim and respectable STAID
Pulled apart TORE
Put forth, as a theory POSIT
Put forth, as effort EXERT
Rapid blinking, for one TIC
Recover at a tent revival HEAL
Shoe brand with a striped logo ADIDAS
Stretch of work STINT
Survive longer than, and a hint to reading the starred clues OUTLAST
Take advantage of USE
Talk endlessly YAK
Tennis match parts SETS
The third degree, say? PHD
They get the lead out ERASERS
They're rounded up on a ranch STEERS
Thicket COPSE
Took a wedding vow SAIDIDO
Twenties' dispenser ATM
Volcanic emission ASH
Wall calendar pages: Abbr MOS
Wanderer NOMAD
Winding curve ESS
Word after "butterfly" or "mosquito" NET
Word before "humbug" BAH
___ away (corrode) EAT