L.A. Times Daily - Dec 25 2022

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Clues Answers
"Dreamgirls" actress Sharon LEAL
"Exile in Guyville" singer Liz PHAIR
"God bless us, __ one!" EVERY
"House of Gucci" actor Driver ADAM
"I don't like the sound of that" UHOH
"La Dolce __" VITA
"NASCAR on NBC" analyst Earnhardt Jr DALE
"Sounder" Best Actress Oscar nominee Cicely TYSON
"Start talking" OKGO
"The Book of __ Fett" BOBA
"The Time Machine" author HGWELLS
"The Whole Woman" writer Germaine GREER
"Waterloo" quartet ABBA
"Well, shoot" DRAT
"Yeah, right" IBET
According to PER
Actor Kingsley BEN
Actress Basinger KIM
African language SWAHILI
Air France hub ORLY
Ala. neighbor FLA
Aptly named Renault LECAR
Armoire part DOOR
Asian language LAO
Baloney LIES
Baroque stringed instrument VIOL
Boxing match BOUT
Brewery letters IPA
British fish dish EELPIE
Build up ACCRUE
Busy orgs. during campaigns PACS
Cap brims VISORS
Career preparing gifts for those on Santa's "naughty" list? COALFIELD
Chef's workload ORDERS
Coffee cup insulators SLEEVES
Cola choice PEPSI
College domain EDU
Completely updated ALLNEW
Confides in OPENSUPTO
Coup d'__ ETAT
Crockett of folklore DAVY
Cry of frustration ARGH
Cut (down) PARE
Despondent SAD
Dispatch HASTE
Dodger great Reese PEEWEE
Dog-__ EARED
Eager reply to "Who wants dessert?" IDOIDO
Egyptian viper ASP
Essence NATURE
Evenhanded EQUITABLE
Figures (out) DOPES
Fit for a queen REGAL
Fix, as a horse GELD
Flight school hurdle SOLO
Flowering shrub, in gardener slang RHODY
Free TV spots PSAS
Game console letters NES
Garment border HEM
Geeky type DWEEB
Go up against ABUT
Hang around lazily LOLL
Header's opposite FOOTER
Howe'er THO
Impudence MOUTH
Information unit BYTE
Irish poet Heaney SEAMUS
ISP pioneer AOL
Italian fashion house known for leather goods FENDI
Jazz great Fitzgerald ELLA
Clues Answers
Kin of -kin ETTE
Letters from school PHD
Like a decorated Christmas tree, usually? BALLBEARING
Like some humor DRY
Like the contents of a gift-wrapped pet carrier, hopefully? LIVINGINTHEPRESENT
London insurance giant LLOYDS
Loudness measure DECIBEL
Luminous glow AURA
Make a bundle? BALE
Marshy area FEN
Mercury or Saturn CAR
Meyers of late-night TV SETH
Min. fraction SEC
Mr. T's outfit ATEAM
Musical set in Oz WICKED
Nice dream? REVE
Noisy shorebird GULL
Norwegian capital OSLO
Noted second-place finisher HARE
NT book before Philippians EPH
Online chats, briefly IMS
Org. with Falcons and Ravens NFL
Oscar winner Hunt HELEN
Out of practice RUSTY
Overly TOO
Parlor piece DIVAN
Perfect IDEAL
Perfect example EPITOME
Peter Fonda title role ULEE
Portraying Comet's sleigh-pulling partner in the Christmas pageant? PLAYINGCUPID
Praline nut PECAN
Pressing need URGENCY
Proclaim loudly BLAREOUT
Puts at ease CALMS
Rude way to describe shopping mall Santas? SUBORDINATECLAUSES
Ryder Cup org PGA
Sangria ingredient WINE
Seven up, e.g TIED
Shows age, as newspaper YELLOWS
Skip the formalities, in a way ELOPE
Slender stemware FLUTE
Small amphibian NEWT
Snow-covered home in many Hallmark Christmas greetings? HOUSEOFCARDS
Some parents DADS
Soon, long ago ANON
Stimulates, as curiosity PIQUES
Superstore with wordless assembly instructions IKEA
Syllables from Santa HOHO
Task of untangling last year's outdoor Christmas decorations? LIGHTDUTY
Telepathic girl in "Stranger Things" ELEVEN
Throws away quickly, in slang YEETS
Tizzy SNIT
Tres menos uno DOS
TV series based on a Coen brothers film FARGO
War god ARES
Went up a size GREW
With good judgment WISELY
Wok, for one PAN
Wonderland host who says, "It's always tea-time" HATTER
Word with wind and Wing WEST
Words in a cocktail recipe ONEPART
Wrap up END
Yearns (for) LONGS
Yoga roll MAT
__ Jack cheese MONTEREY
__ pudding: Christmas treat PLUM
__ valve: heart part AORTIC