Universal - Dec 23 2022

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Clues Answers
"... St. ___, I met a man with seven wives" (rhyme snippet) IVES
"Easy there!" COOLIT
"Eternals" actress McHugh LIA
"I couldn't agree more!" AMEN
"The Hunger Games" actress, familiarly JLAW
"The Light We Carry" author Michelle OBAMA
"The Thinker" sculptor RODIN
"Victory is mine!" IWIN
*"Aw, darn!" OATS
*Like roller coasters TILLING
*Persistent, as an ailment CONIC
1982 Disney sci-fi film TRON
Act nosy PRY
Anthem contraction OER
Applies high heat to SEARS
Bitter brew ALE
Boatloads of LOTSA
Boo-boo OWIE
Brief albums, briefly EPS
Catchy part of a song HOOK
Certain flat-screen set LCDTV
Chiefs quarterback Patrick MAHOMES
Day care charges? TYKES
Edamame casings PODS
Egyptian queen, briefly CLEO
Employ USE
Game with +2 cards UNO
Genetic messenger RNA
Go-getters, in terms of personality TYPEAS
GPS offering RTE
Greek wedding cry OPA
Green-lights OKS
Have bills OWE
Hit head-on RAM
Hunks of marble SLABS
Knight's horse STEED
Lead actor STAR
Like some vows SOLEMN
Long in the tooth OLD
Clues Answers
Long, long time EON
Make a choice OPT
Measures of resistance OHMS
Meditation poses ASANAS
Michelle of "Shang-Chi" YEOH
More loyal TRUER
Narrow valley GLEN
Nonreactive INERT
On behalf of FOR
One of 78 in Buckingham Palace LOO
Orangutan, e.g APE
Pink Floyd's Barrett SYD
Prepare firewood CHOP
Question for a magician HOW
Reuben bread JEWISHRYE
Rock's Kings of ___ LEON
Runner's circuit LAP
Scans the area LOOKSAROUND
Scrooge's cry BAH
Shirt smoother IRON
Site of the Norwegian Wood music festival OSLO
Slacks fabric CHINO
Smelling stale MUSTY
Statistic that may go up nine months after a World Cup win BIRTHRATE
Streamer's device, for short CAM
Stuck between choices TORN
Study of rulers and division? MATH
Stuffed FULL
Tailor's changes ALTERATIONS
They may be checked at the door IDS
They're above cpls SGTS
Times to pop by, and a feature of the starred clues' answers (hint: include two letters below them) DROPINHOURS
Touched down ALIT
Utensil brand OXO
Weather-related cancellation RAINOUT
What to take when your foe goes low THEHIGHROAD
Wheel connector AXLE
Yard sale caveat ASIS
___ a soul NARY