New York Times - Dec 23 2022

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Clues Answers
'Aquaman' actor Jason MOMOA
'Bro!' MYMAN
'I, to you, am lost in the gorgeous errors of ___': Sylvia Plath FLESH
'Stay out of it!' MYOB
'Technicolor ___,' nickname for Lucille Ball TESSIE
'The Daily,' to pick a popular example PODCAST
'The ___ Show' (2002 12x platinum album) EMINEM
'Verily' ITIS
Administrator with a list DEAN
Become stiff or tight TENSEUP
Birthplace of K-pop SEOUL
Brahman believers HINDUS
Broadband inits DSL
Bucks ONES
Button on a scientific calculator TAN
Captain and lieutenant RANKS
Character in 'Frozen' who says 'Some people are worth melting for' OLAF
Classic muscle cars GTOS
Co-writer of Tone Loc's 'Wild Thing' and 'Funky Cold Medina' YOUNGMC
Cries of frustration OYS
Culture subject TISSUESAMPLE
Debauched sort ROUE
Directs, in Hollywood lingo HELMS
Dragon roll ingredient EEL
End of one's money BOTTOMDOLLAR
Final stretch LASTLEG
First of the Minor Prophets HOSEA
Fish with a valuable liver COD
Follower of an arctic blast COLDSPELL
Game that often ends in tears STARINGCONTEST
Good name for a florist or optometrist IRIS
Happen periodically RECUR
Hennery COOP
High-tech security device RETINALSCANNER
Informal meeting SESH
Clues Answers
Is comforted by not being ignored FEELSSEEN
It's a plus ASSET
Language that gave us 'cummerbund' URDU
M.L.B. team originally called the Colt .45s ASTROS
Nobelist Hammarskjöld DAG
Nose (out) EDGE
Novel purchases that everyone's talking about? MUSTREADS
Old-fashioned options RYES
One of a dangerous group in 'Robinson Crusoe' CANNIBAL
Palio di ___, annual Italian horse race held since the 13th century ASTI
Part usually thrown away PEEL
Pine ___ (baseball player's grip enhancer) TAR
Places with large nest eggs? EMUFARMS
Quinceañera feature TILDE
Quinceañera, e.g FIESTA
Ramadan-ending holiday, informally EID
Really, really OHSO
Relief org FEMA
Research university adjacent to the C.D.C EMORY
Schreiber of 'Ray Donovan' LIEV
Sensory deprivation device FLOATTANK
Simple structure LEANTO
Single-use spears LANCES
Some skirt options MIDIS
Tahoe neighbor RENO
Take advantage of, and then some ABUSE
Things not good to have next to one's records ASTERISKS
Toner alternative INK
Took out OFFED
Toy sound ARF
What cows and icebergs do CALVE
You might perform the Creeper, the Sleeper or Rock the Baby with this YOYO
___ McFly, great-great-grandfather of Marty SEAMUS