Wall Street Journal - Dec 22 2022 - Beats Me!

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Clues Answers
//www.crosswordgiant.com/crossword-clue/1252911/ HAVINGNOIDEA
//www.crosswordgiant.com/crossword-clue/1252911/ SLOWONTHEUPTAKE
//www.crosswordgiant.com/crossword-clue/1252911/ ADDLEBRAINED
“Now I get this puzzle!” AHA
“There, there” ITSOK
“What’s stopping you?” GOAHEAD
100-cent currency EURO
2015 HBO biopic starring Queen Latifah BESSIE
Add 20 on 100, say LEAVEATIP
Anakin’s daughter LEIA
Anakin’s son LUKE
Appropriate ANNEX
Bar offering with East Coast and West Coast varieties IPA
Be decisive OPT
Bit of force DYNE
Blue books, e.g SMUT
Breakdown necessities TOWS
Charlatan PHONY
Commotion STIR
Cuban Missile Crisis org CIA
Dope, datedly PHAT
Expression for Ozymandias SNEER
Eye impertinently OGLE
Finish behind LOSETO
Flashers in clubs STROBES
Flue flakes ASH
Forest females DOES
Frigate frames HULLS
Group of subs BTEAM
Group surrounding a star POSSE
Hardly one-star DELUXE
Heart CRUX
Heartless person BEAST
Home to a famous mausoleum AGRA
Implore BEG
Incise ETCH
Jake Tapper’s employer CNN
Jazz pianist McCann LES
Clues Answers
Last king of Troy PRIAM
Like lunches for workers with little time GRABANDGO
Like the stadium after a touchdown AROAR
Locket features CLASPS
Look at the answers PEEK
Lost, like three answers in this puzzle, literally and figuratively UTTERLYCLUELESS
Majorca-to-Minorca dir ENE
Marsalis family patriarch ELLIS
Mob target RAT
Narrow cut SLIT
Oscar winner for “Goodfellas” PESCI
Paper pieces OPEDS
Pocket EARN
Pops DAD
Praise effusively GUSH
Prepared for a punch TENSED
Promising start to a certain alliance? IDOS
Put on, as a pedestal SETATOP
Queen Alicent’s father, on “House of the Dragon” OTTO
Qumran Natl. Pk. site ISR
Ready to drive TEED
Reef residents EELS
Relief AID
Requiring loads of attention NEEDY
Response from another room INHERE
Retailer with Outdoor Discovery Programs LLBEAN
Rhode Island’s motto HOPE
Sighed word ALAS
Small fry TYKE
Small sample NIP
Some are cheap SEATS
Some Okefenokee fauna TOADS
Souchong alternative PEKOE
Spa town noted for its salts EPSOM
Split results EXES
This puzzle might not make it at first SENSE
Time of reckoning DDAY
Zoological plural frowned on by sticklers OCTOPI