Universal - Dec 21 2022

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Clues Answers
"Don't be so arrogant!" SHOWSOMERESPECT
"Don't you worry" FEARNOT
"I'd like to hear from you!" HITMEUP
"I'm not kidding!" NOLIE
"Pong" producer ATARI
"That does it!" IMFEDUP
"___ Said" (2022 film) SHE
Actress Peeples NIA
Actress Perlman RHEA
Aloe ___ VERA
Alone SOLO
Anti-vaping ad, e.g PSA
Approved bill, in India ACTOFPARLIAMENT
Approx. figure EST
Athlete's A game, and a hint to the first words of 3-, 5- and 9-Down PEAKPERFORMANCE
Bathroom, across the pond LOO
Be nosy PRY
Belonging to me MINE
Big name in health insurance AETNA
Calm and collected SEDATE
Canadian singer Bryan ADAMS
Channel surfer's need REMOTE
Child's caretaker NANNY
Chilled treats ICES
Date site? PALM
Deep red wine CLARET
End of a one-way communication OVER
Facial twitch, say TIC
Film studio structures SETS
Fries lightly SAUTES
Good engine sound HUM
Grain used in a vegan milk OAT
Guinness of "Star Wars" ALEC
HDTV brand RCA
Homer's howl DOH
Hospital prep area PREOP
Hot rod, for one CAR
Impostors SHAMS
Invoice col AMT
Clues Answers
Is for more than one? ARE
Like many phones nowadays SMART
Mac's former music app ITUNES
Manufacturing expenses PRODUCTIONCOSTS
Mistake ERROR
Network with an eye logo CBS
Nickname within "friend request" DRE
Nonstick cookware maker TFAL
Of all time EVER
Oranges' equivalents? APPLES
Ornate vase URN
Part of a gym count REP
Picnic place in Paris PARC
Playground rebuttal DOESSO
Provide comfort to SOOTHE
Pub supply ALE
Rich with greenery LUSH
Rombauer who wrote "The Joy of Cooking" IRMA
Santa ___, California ANA
Sewing machine inventor Howe ELIAS
Sexologist whose surname is Westheimer DRRUTH
Shout of understanding AHA
Sideline shoutout HIMOM
Spotted game tile DOMINO
Storefront sign OPEN
Sulky look POUT
Takes on, as responsibility ASSUMES
Teslas and others: Abbr EVS
Top of the building ROOF
Try to improve WORKON
UFO travelers ETS
Unit of resistance OHM
Verb indicated by + ADD
Was remorseful RUED
Yield, as interest EARN
Yoga accessory MAT
___ coat (detective's garment) TRENCH