Wall Street Journal - Dec 20 2022 - Build Your Own

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Clues Answers
“Cool beans, bro!” AWESOMESAUCE
“Gone With the Wind” home TARA
“Kid tested. Mother approved.” cereal KIX
“La Sylphide” costumes TUTUS
“North to the Future” or “Live Free or Die,” e.g STATEMOTTO
“Peachy!” NEATO
“Skedaddle!” GIT
“The Grass Harp” novelist CAPOTE
“Tuesdays With Morrie” author Mitch ALBOM
“___ the Light” (Hank Williams song) ISAW
1996 MLB batting champ, familiarly AROD
Aretha Franklin’s older sister ERMA
Blackjack half ACE
Capital named by the Nguyen Dynasty HANOI
Captain whose Bounty crew mutinied BLIGH
Cause for some R ratings SEX
Chapel answer IDO
Character who calls Charlie “Chuck” PEPPERMINTPATTY
Compete in the slalom SKI
Cry from the crow’s-nest LANDHO
Dedicated works ODES
Derby part BRIM
Don’t-care hairstyles MESSYBUNS
Dubai dignitary EMIR
Epitome of easiness ABC
Fern production SPORE
Financial assistance AID
Finish off quickly, as a plate of food INHALE
Flush GLOW
Fully aware of ONTO
Go on the fritz ACTUP
Hazards of northern seas BERGS
Ill-fated NOTTOBE
Iridescent birthstone OPAL
Katy of NBC News TUR
Length of time SPAN
Clues Answers
Mama’s mom NANA
Maple tree insert TAP
Minor criticism NIT
Nervousness on the golf green YIPS
Nor’easter, e.g STORM
Oolong holder TEABAG
Pinkish orange color MELON
Quaff with sashimi or sushi SAKE
Quarterback run SNEAK
Racy thing to drop TROU
Random guess STAB
Research facility LAB
Resort near Salt Lake City ALTA
Seacrest’s morning TV partner RIPA
Sign of a popular amusement park ride LINE
Skateboarder’s jump OLLIE
Softens MELTS
Speedy fliers of the past SSTS
Spill the beans BLAB
Stands the test of time LASTS
Star in a show TOPTHEBILL
Structural supports BEAMS
Superlative adverb MOST
Time of prosperity BOOM
Title trash-compacting robot in a Pixar film WALLE
Traditional Muslim head covering HIJAB
Trident-shaped letters PSIS
Unified voting group BLOC
United Nations Day mo OCT
Unreliable, as cell service PATCHY
Variety ILK
Variety TYPE
Void’s partner NULL
What a Fender might be hooked to AMP
Words on Spanish valentines YOTEAMO
Zodiac creature LION
___ Lama DALAI