Wall Street Journal - Dec 17 2022 - Court Disaster

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Clues Answers
“Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette” painter RENOIR
“I Am Woman” singer Helen REDDY
“I’m melting!” ITSHOT
“I’m not ___ judge” ONETO
“Nighthawks” painter HOPPER
“Shoot!” DRAT
“You can’t stop me!” IGOTTA
“___ the wind and nothing more!” (“The Raven” line) TIS
100%, slangily HUNDOP
2022 World Cup setting QATAR
A/C measures BTUS
Accusation that’s way overdue? LATECHARGE
Aggravation TSURIS
Agree with emphasis ECHO
Arboreal primate ORANG
Bear mascot of the 1980 Moscow Olympics MISHA
Before today AGO
Bison’s home PLAINS
Bit of hair or smoke WISP
Brain sections LOBES
Bull in the woods ELK
Call from a cote BAA
Camouflaged HID
Camp counselor training subj CPR
Capone henchman NITTI
Carpool lane letters HOV
Cause for evacuation during initial remarks? OPENINGFIRE
Choir singer ALTO
Civil rights martyr Till EMMETT
Clear writing? ERASE
Colorful collectible AUTUMNLEAF
Common coffee break hr TENAM
Contacts, in a way EMAILS
Cooked up MADE
Counsel’s incessant proposal? PERPETUALMOTION
Country singer Travis TRITT
Coup target ETAT
Debt vouchers CHITS
Didn’t guzzle NURSED
Dwarves’ city under a mountain, in Tolkien’s stories MORIA
Eateries with shuckers OYSTERBARS
Edible tubes PENNE
Event with a series of courses PGATOUR
FedEx alternative UPS
Fifth-cent. canonized pope STLEO
Figure missing from EV ads MPG
Fingers IDS
Finish litigation in debt? SETTLEDOWN
Free of additives PURE
General on a Chinese menu TSO
Get smart LEARN
Govt. ID issuer SSA
Green section of a Risk board ASIA
Having no practical relevance MOOT
Helps when one shouldn’t ABETS
Hint of color TINGE
Honor for playing well with others? TONY
Humble ABASE
Interminable legal proceeding? LONGSUIT
Its in-flight announcements are in Hebrew and English ELAL
Jam ingredient? AUTO
Janelle of “Moonlight” MONAE
Kind, thoughtful attention, for short TLC
Lee with Oscars ANG
Like some exhibition pieces ONLOAN
Lousy result for the prosecution? LACKOFCONVICTION
Clues Answers
Magazine with models on its covers MOTORTREND
Measure of a celeb’s familiarity and allure QSCORE
Memorable time ERA
Mens ___ (criminal intent) REA
Might increase TROOPSURGE
Miller’s matter GRIST
MLB player with the most grand slams AROD
Mob scene participants? RACKETEERS
Modern collectible, in brief NFT
Negation symbol, in logic TILDE
Neutral color TAUPE
Oil reserve? PIMPLE
Olive in the comics OYL
Overlook a chance to revive a dismissed case? DONTSEETHEAPPEAL
Parting word ADIEU
Place to buy amphorae AGORA
Player number not found on a jersey STAT
Portion (out) METE
Possesses OWNS
Powerful people INS
Present one’s case PLEAD
Present, say TENSE
Pretend FEIGN
Prime vineyard CRU
Purple berry ACAI
Rarely free version of freeware PRO
Ready to roll INGEAR
Red root BEET
Remote location? SOFA
Roofing material TIN
Round Table addresses SIRS
Sacramento newspaper BEE
Saucer crew, for short ETS
Semicircular character CEE
Separate the wheat from the chaff THRESH
Server’s take TIP
Set right REPAIR
Ship lip GUNWALE
Site of the first labor of Hercules NEMEA
Sleeper spy MOLE
Stain on an attorney’s record? HEARINGLOSS
Start for girl or boy ATTA
Stocking calamity during cross-examination? TRIALRUN
Strongly encourage URGE
Sullen sort MOPER
Swear word? OATH
Sweeping story EPIC
Take a breather REST
Talking in class ORALREPORT
Tats INK
Tentative taste SIP
They’re nuts ACORNS
Tombstone surname EARP
Uniform trim LACING
Uninspiring BLAH
Via, informally THRU
Wane EBB
Wearer of the Great Imperial Crown TSAR
Western contest RODEO
What master criminals leave NOTRACE
When-all-else-has-failed option LASTRESORT
Window ledge SILL
Winter air CAROL
Without interruption NOEND
You don’t need an Rx for it OTCDRUG
Young’s partner ERNST
___ dictum (passing remark) OBITER
___-disant (self-styled) SOI