Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 7 2023

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Clues Answers
"Elf" actor Ed ASNER
"Hulk" director Lee ANG
"La-la" lead-in OOH
"Monsoon Wedding" director Mira NAIR
"Unstoppable" singer SIA
"— Lazy River" UPA
911 responders EMTS
Apple desktop computer IMAC
Artist Chagall MARC
Author Austen JANE
Bread grain WHEAT
Cat doc VET
Cereal in party mix CHEX
Chairman of China MAO
Chapel vow IDO
Chic again RETRO
Comforter cover DUVET
Comic Romano RAY
Competed VIED
Conceit EGO
Deception SNOWJOB
Designer Wang VERA
Ernie's "Sesame Street" pal BERT
Experts PROS
Expired RANOUT
Farm squealer PIG
Fruits in jam recipes CONCORDGRAPES
Granola grain OAT
Grate RASP
Harangue RANT
In the past AGO
It takes the cake OVEN
Clues Answers
Layer PLY
Lotion additive ALOE
NBC weekend show SNL
Nipper's co RCA
Nobel Prize subj ECON
Numbered rd RTE
Pinnacle APEX
Poetic contraction OER
Ready for customers OPEN
Reddish horse ROAN
River blocker DAM
Roller coaster cry WHEE
Roof overhang EAVE
Rope fiber HEMP
Satirist Mort SAHL
Sax range ALTO
Send forth EMIT
Shack HUT
Sheltered ALEE
Smack HIT
Start a garden SEED
Steerer's place HELM
Swiss peak ALP
Upright ERECT
Vine-covered passageway PERGOLA
Warning ALERT
Wrestling surface MAT
Writer Wiesel ELIE
— -do-well NEER
— Lingus AER
— mater ALMA
— polloi HOI