USA Today - Jan 28 2023

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Clues Answers
'Full speed ___!' AHEAD
'Heather ___ Two Mommies' HAS
'It's my time to shine!' IMON
'United Shades of America' host WKAMAUBELL
'Where there's ___, there's fire' SMOKE
'You know how ___' ITIS
Animal that symbolizes Leo LION
Apple tablet IPAD
Ballet recital outfit TUTU
Big beer containers KEGS
Bit of buffoonery ANTIC
Bit of hail damage DENT
Camera attachment LENS
Collaboratively edited site WIKI
Color that's Latin for 'water' AQUA
Curved foot part ARCH
DEA agents NARCS
Dealing with a sticky situation INAPICKLE
Deer relative ELK
Dropped to the ground to go for a base SLID
Ewe's baby LAMB
Figure skater Midori ITO
Free speech org ACLU
Garment worn with a choli SARI
Gathered in a close-packed group HUDDLEDUP
Get hitched TIETHEKNOT
Grayed-out chat status AWAY
Greek T TAU
Having the means ABLE
Hayao Miyazaki's film medium ANIME
Hearty green KALE
Heelys and cronuts, e.g FADS
Instrument related to the clarinet OBOE
Japanese money YEN
Jet skiing spot LAKE
Like a dog with a thick coat FURRY
Missing, for short AWOL
Clues Answers
Muscles near bis and delts TRIS
National Mall trees ELMS
Oktoberfest mug STEIN
Page layout FORMAT
Part of a tied shoelace LOOP
Philanthropist who won a court case for her family's freedom in 1856 BIDDYMASON
Place for mascara LASH
Point-of-view columns OPEDS
Prefix with 'centrism' or 'futurism' AFRO
Prestige films that try to 'hook' Academy voters OSCARBAIT
Principal stage actor LEAD
Protective exteriors for fish SCALES
Purple berry ACAI
QB's units (Abbr.) YDS
Radiate EMIT
Recipe amts TSPS
Refuse to admit DENY
Seeing organs EYES
Skin mark SCAR
Small and weak PUNY
Small info file created while browsing WEBCOOKIE
Smooch, in Britain SNOG
Soothing gel ALOE
Strength training units REPS
Swindles CONS
The Buckeye State OHIO
The S in 'iOS' (Abbr.) SYS
They're served with chips DIPS
Uncovered BARED
Unloads on Craigslist SELLS
Was totally not into HATED
Where raw information comes from, in software DATASOURCE
Window ledges SILLS
Witty remark QUIP
Woodworker's fastener SCREW
___ cauliflower (grain-free side) RICED
___ Grande RIO
___ of honor MAID
___-bitty ITTY