USA Today - Jan 19 2023

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Clues Answers
'Cool!' NEAT
'Do feel free to check in with me!' JUSTASK
'Finding ___' (2003 Pixar film) NEMO
'Give it a go!' TRY
'Mind. Blown.' WOAH
'My Brother Charlie' author Holly Robinson ___ PEETE
'___ sure be nice if . . .' ITD
'___ the Champions' (Queen song) WEARE
'___ the Unknown' ('Frozen 2' song) INTO
2,000-pound unit TON
A pair of TWO
Any time from now until midnight TODAY
Apps for blind and visually impaired people SCREENREADERS
Assumed name ALIAS
Automated web software BOT
Bit of BB cream DAB
Black-and-white cookie OREO
Body part seen in an X-ray BONE
Buddy PAL
City near Lake Tahoe RENO
City's smaller relative TOWN
Claim to be untrue DENY
Completely on board ALLFORIT
Days, in Spanish DIAS
Defrost THAW
Descriptor for a very small budget SHOESTRING
Dog's foot PAW
Fill with joy ELATE
Food stalls that specialize in Mexican dishes TACOSTANDS
Gets a look at SEES
Gets older AGES
Give stars to RATE
Help to show the way LEAD
Holds back, like a laugh STIFLES
Identity on the ace spectrum DEMISEXUAL
In the past AGO
Clues Answers
Leslie Feinberg novel written as a call to action for trans liberation STONEBUTCHBLUES
Misfortune WOE
Monistat insert shape EGG
North Pole forecast SNOW
Not 'for here' TOGO
Not decided until the last moment DOWNTOTHEWIRE
Obnoxious people ASSES
Op-___ (opinion columns) EDS
Overly severe HARSH
Palindromic name ANNA
People from Helsinki FINNS
Say out loud UTTER
Second attempt REDO
Shoe with a wooden sole CLOG
Side-by-side collaboration on social media TIKTOKDUET
Small amphibian NEWT
Some RNs' workplaces ERS
Spanish for 'love' AMOR
Swedish furniture store IKEA
Sweeties BAES
Tan hue BEIGE
Toasted marshmallow color BROWN
Town north of Oklahoma City ENID
Track star Owens with four Olympic gold medals JESSE
Truncates SHORTENS
Typesetting choice FONT
Uno, in English ONE
Vanish into the ___ ETHER
Water efficiency org EPA
Well-organized TIDY
What a dragon breathes FIRE
What a furnace provides HEAT
Woodcutting tools AXES
Word after 'inner' or 'speed' DEMON
___ on a log (crunchy snack) ANTS
___ space (area designed to be discrimination- and harm-free) SAFE