USA Today - Jan 17 2023

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Clues Answers
$50-60k, for example RANGE
'Hurry up!' CMON
'I want to hear!' TELLME
'That makes sense' AHH
'Their shared last name is just a coincidence' NORELATION
'What I Am' singer Brickell EDIE
'You already told me!' IKNOW
A whole bunch MANY
Actress Long NIA
Affirmative vote AYE
Al Arabiya or CNN International NEWSSTATION
Blues legend Rush OTIS
Brand of yoga pants ALO
Brazilian city, for short RIO
Brings to a conclusion ENDS
Buckeye Chuck's state OHIO
Butcher shop cut LOIN
Calf-roping contest RODEO
Cantopop or Zamrock MUSIC
Carne ___ burritos ASADA
Character who rode in a pumpkin coach CINDERELLA
College sports org NCAA
Dispenser with a spigot URN
Distress signal at sea SOS
Documents stored rolled-up SCROLLS
Doing nothing IDLE
Drawer handle KNOB
Felled with an axe HEWED
Goods from a heist LOOT
Googoosh's country IRAN
Green cards, passports, etc IDS
Grind ___ (skate park feature) RAIL
Grouchy look SCOWL
Highchair component TRAY
Highly urgent DIRE
Holiest city in Islam MECCA
In the thick of AMID
Key ___, Florida LARGO
Clues Answers
Like some clickbait headlines LURID
Log-cutting tools SAWS
Marge Simpson's nickname for her husband HOMIE
Middle of a vada HOLE
Oliver Twist's porridge GRUEL
Opposite of freeze THAW
Pasta similar to manicotti CANNELLONI
Person on an app USER
Place for gardening tools SHED
Pork or venison REDMEAT
Portland's st ORE
Prayer ___ (shoulder garment) SHAWL
Puts on the market SELLS
Radiates EXUDES
Reach for the ___ STARS
Repetitive learning method ROTE
Roomy bags TOTES
Seafarer's vessel SHIP
Second to ___ (unparalleled) NONE
Segment of a play SCENE
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Silk taffeta feature SHEEN
Smooching on the street, for example PDA
Sneak a peek GLANCE
Societal problems ILLS
Software version that might still have some bugs BETA
Solar wind particle ION
Soon-to-be graduate SENIOR
Space-saving bed COT
Springfield-style ___ chicken CASHEW
Starts serving customers OPENS
State-of-the-art NEXTGENERATION
Suspect's story ALIBI
Totally accepted a lie ATEITUP
Twelve-mo. spans YRS
Unexciting BLAH
Winter layer COAT
Your and my OUR