New York Times - Dec 9 2001

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Clues Answers
'It Must Be ___' HIM
12-Across's locale INDIA
1966 in-flight movie? GEORGYGULL
1972 treaty subj. ABM
1980 in-flight movie? COALMYNASDAUGHTER
1989 in-flight movie? WRENHARRYMETSALLY
1997 in-flight movie? GOODWILLBUNTING
1998 in-flight movie? PHEASANTVILLE
1998 in-flight movie? THRUSHHOUR
2000 in-flight movie? SMALLTIMEROOKS
2000 in-flight movie? HERONBROCKOVICH
2000 in-flight movie? MEETTHEPARROTS
43-Down student ELI
Ave. crossers STS
Babe Ruth's 'sultanate' SWAT
Be dishonest with LIETO
Be transformed MORPH
Berlin output SONGS
Berlioz's '___ Nuits' LES
Bewildered response HUH
Big East powerhouse STJOHNS
Blackthorn SLOE
Blocks DAMS
Bread source, in brief? ATM
Bully's prey, traditionally NERD
Canine command SIT
Certain discriminator AGEIST
Chenin ___ (French wines) BLANCS
City WSW of Algiers ORAN
Clinton ___ Rodham NEE
Col. Sanders feature GOATEE
Construction worker HARDHAT
Consumers EATERS
Cookies 1 3/4' in diameter OREOS
Covers one's beat PATROLS
Delhi stuffed pastry SAMOSA
Dennis the Menace types IMPS
Discharges SALVOS
Don't waste USE
Dot follower COM
Fauvist painter Henri MATISSE
Fibulae neighbors TIBIAE
First letter in Bathsheba BETH
First name in game show production MERV
Flower that's most often white SEGO
Forelimb parts ULNAS
French pronoun TOI
Furniture feature, maybe ROLLER
Furrow RUT
Gas leak site in 1984 world news BHOPAL
German cardinal EINS
Gloomy, in Gloucester SOMBRE
H. Rider Haggard title SHE
He took the words out of Bergen's mouth SNERD
Hightailed it SCOOTED
Honour given to J. K. Rowling: Abbr. OBE
Humdinger LULU
Islet AIT
Isotope of hydrogen TRITIUM
It makes 'mine' a double OURS
It may be French TOAST
It's a pleasure FUN
Italian possessive MIO
Items in a rack BIKES
Kin's partner KITH
Kind of bean MUNG
Kind of warfare GANG
Kit mitt PAW
Clues Answers
Learned SAGE
Less inhibited FREER
Mile High Center architect PEI
Miscellany CATCHALL
Mongolian expanse GOBI
More scary HAIRIER
Moved gracefully LILTED
N.F.L.'s ___ Brown CORWIN
New Hampshire lake, river or town OSSIPEE
Nick of 'The Prince of Tides' NOLTE
Nickel-nursers MISERS
O'Hare posting: Abbr. ETA
Object of an old French cheer LEROI
Old protest grp. SDS
Olympic gymnast Kerri STRUG
On one's guard WARY
One of a world septet SEA
One year into Claudius's reign XLII
Overly smooth GLIB
Overwhelm SWAMP
Pacific islander FIJIAN
Parenthetical bit ASIDE
Peak in NE Greece MTOSSA
Piper of 'Twin Peaks' LAURIE
Poetic pond MERE
Popular 7-11 drink SLURPEE
Prefix with duct OVI
Prefix with grade CENTI
Pres. Garfield's middle name ABRAM
Prohibitionist DRY
Put back on the wall REHANG
Quickly, after 'in' AFLASH
Quid-quo link PRO
Realm of Cyrus the Great PERSIA
Riffle LEAF
Robt. ___ ELEE
Ruler of Taurus and Libra, in astrology VENUS
Sch. with a branch in Irvine UCAL
See 59-Across YALE
Seine tributary OISE
Sharp-cornered ANGULAR
Sleep ender, maybe SIREN
Sniggler's activity EELING
Some pikes WALLEYES
Spring SPA
St. Petersburg's river NEVA
Street shader ELM
Sunscreen label abbr. PABA
Tack on ATTACH
Target of los banderilleros ELTORO
Tears with force RENDS
They upset xenophobes ALIENS
Tic-___-toe TAC
Tops of ankhs LOOPS
Transient's qtrs. SRO
Tropical fruit GUAVA
Turn indicator ARROW
Uppity types SNOOTS
Where Union Pacific is headquartered OMAHA
White House family of 1849 TAYLORS
Wit Bombeck ERMA
With a bow, to Stern ARCO
World septet WONDERS
___ speak SOTO
___-Whirl TILTA