L.A. Times Daily - Dec 8 2022

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Clues Answers
"Barry" cable network HBO
"Cheers" bartender Woody BOYD
"Inside Story" novelist Martin AMIS
"Make tracks!" SCRAM
"Stick a fork in me" IMDONE
"Zounds!" EGAD
Abates EASES
Accounting giant __ & Young ERNST
Allow to borrow LEND
Aspire notebook maker ACER
Back up an apology, say ATONE
Be rife (with) TEEM
Botanic beginnings SEEDS
Canvases for 45-Across TOENAILS
Chaps MEN
Circular saw? ITISWHATITIS
City south of Gainesville OCALA
Cocktail typically garnished with an orchid MAITAI
Concerning INRE
Courteous title MAAM
Crockpot dish STEW
Drilling structure RIG
Expanding Asian desert GOBI
Fairy-tale antagonist OGRE
Finishes ENDS
Former North Dakota senator Heitkamp HEIDI
Fragrance AROMA
Fruit-filled dessert TART
Genetic material in some vaccines RNA
Hemsworth of "The Hunger Games" LIAM
Home of the N.Y. Mets until 2008 SHEA
Image in the Timberland logo TREE
Imitate a rooster CROW
Incline SLANT
Inhabitants of a classroom "farm" ANTS
Clues Answers
James who sang "At Last" ETTA
Long part of a comet TAIL
Made better ENHANCED
Make a blunder ERR
Many taps in a brewpub ALES
Mechanical learning method ROTE
More up-to-date NEWER
Not as narrow WIDER
Opposed to ANTI
Pampering treatments for feet, informally PEDIS
Photographer Leibovitz ANNIE
Place to build SITE
Proficient ABLE
Raison d'__ ETRE
Round closers on a onesie SNAPS
Rum-and-water quaff GROG
Show fatigue YAWN
Sphere of influence AMBIT
Spill the beans TATTLE
Spot for a sleeve tattoo ARM
Stylish CHIC
Surface for beach volleyball SAND
Taxi CAB
Temporarily unavailable NOTIN
Tornado watch sound SIREN
Trail behind LAG
Travel guide listing INN
Tuned to, as a radio dial SETAT
Unaccompanied ALONE
Unctuous OILY
Very much a fan of INTO
Wizard MAGUS
Words of incantation MANTRA
Work hard for EARN
Zenith's opposite NADIR
__ mater ALMA