New York Times - Dec 8 2022

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Clues Answers
'Come on, move it!' SHAKEAPEG
'It's all good' NOWORRIES
'Nothing to report' NONEWS
'So clever!' AHA
'Top ___!' THAT
'Uh, what was that?' SCUSEME
'___ Kett' (old comic strip that taught teens manners) ETTA
365 giorni ANNO
About seven or eight weeks before 5-Down MAY
Absolute dump STY
An extravagant one might have a swimming pool YACHT
Arrived CAMEIN
Aucklander, e.g KIWI
Bail, so to speak LEAVE
Beauty that's only skin deep, for short? TAT
Beginning or end for Alexa? SCHWA
Big name in contact lens care RENU
Blokes LADS
Blue grp DNC
Butcher birds SHRIKES
Country that lacks an official language, informally THEUS
Double eagle plus three PAR
Dunderhead ASS
Expensive shipping option SAMEDAY
Expressed SAID
Film production company founded by Steven Spielberg AMBLIN
Fix a hole, in a way SEW
Grateful Dead founding member Bob WEIR
Grave letters RIP
Hägar the Horrible's dog SNERT
Hankerings YENS
Harbinger OMEN
Hit CBS series that, despite its name, was filmed primarily in California CSIMIAMI
Hurdles for aspiring D.A.s LSATS
It glows orange-red when placed in an electric field NEONGAS
Clues Answers
It's a trap! WEB
John Deere logo animal STAG
Like 'Blade Runner' and 'Fahrenheit 451' DYSTOPIAN
Like Louis Armstrong's singing THROATY
Literary character with an eponymous chain of seafood restaurants LONGJOHNS
Misnomer for the character Fritz in the original 'Frankenstein' IGOR
Modern payment method VENMO
Most itsy-bitsy TEENIEST
Nickname for Gotham City's protector THEBAT
One getting 'the talk,' say TWEEN
One of the women in 'Little Women' MEG
One who's far from stone-faced EMOTER
One with an 'eye patch,' hook hand and peg leg, as represented in this puzzle's grid PIRATE
Order to attack SICON
Pandemic cause of 2009 SWINEFLU
Ponied up PAID
Rapper Biggie ___ SMALLS
Roman equivalent of the Greek Helios SOL
Scuttled NOGO
Seafarers MAR
Shaggy, horned beast GNU
Shaggy, horned beast YAK
Snoozefest YAWNER
Sounds at a fireworks show AAHS
State AVOW
Suave and sophisticated URBANE
Talking-tos EARFULS
Time in the dog days of summer MIDJULY
Toddler's boo-boo OWIE
What a monkey has that an ape doesn't TAIL
What an actor studies LINES
What can precede heartbeat or nutshell INA
Winter coat RIME
Word with twin or grin EVIL
You might see snow when it's disrupted TVSIGNAL
___ Millions MEGA