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Clues Answers
"Gorky Park" actress Joanna PACULA
"Hey, you" PSST
"I solved it!" AHA
"Night" author Wiesel ELIE
"The Aviator" actor Alan ALDA
"The Good Body" playwright EVEENSLER
1982 sci-fi film TRON
Academy Awards OSCARS
Act in, as a TV show APPEARON
Actor Peters of "Dark Phoenix" EVAN
Actress Fanning ELLE
Alias abbr AKA
Anthem north of the United States OCANADA
Anti votes NOS
Aspirin brand BAYER
Baseball official at home, in brief PLATEUMP
Be off base ERR
Bicolor cookie OREO
Bobbing sea marker BUOY
Bump on a potato chip RIDGE
Cager's hoop RIM
California volcano SHASTA
Camera type, for short SLR
Cell that fires on impulse NEURON
Chaotic brawl MELEE
Cheap booze ROTGUT
Chinese flower named for its scent TEAROSE
Close to NEAR
Coming-out girls DEBS
Compete VIE
Copier inks TONERS
Corn unit EAR
Corrals PENSIN
Corrida call OLE
Despite the fact that ALTHOUGH
Difficult task ONUS
Disoriented LOST
Dixie soldiers REBS
Doolittle of fiction ELIZA
Earthworm or leech ANNELID
Electric resistance OHMAGE
Ellipse part ARC
Ending for ball or bass OON
Entirely ALL
Eschewing convention BOHEMIAN
Extra tire, say SPARE
Fey and Brown TINAS
Fiji, Haiti or Kiribati ISLANDNATION
Film segment REEL
Flying expert ACE
Former U.K. record co EMI
France's — -Lorraine ALSACE
French "the" LES
Full-fledged, as a club member CARDCARRYING
Fuss ADO
Go in circles ROTATE
Hard copy PRINTOUT
Hawaiian dress MUUMUU
Holiday festival that starts the day after 132-Across KWANZAA
Hosp. triage areas ERS
Illuminated LIT
Insect traps NETS
It has flights around French Polynesia AIRTAHITI
Jaunty tune LILT
Least wet DRIEST
Legume seed container PEAPOD
Live, as a ball INPLAY
Lose power DIE
Make-believe UNREAL
Makes level EVENS
Clues Answers
Makeup flaw SMEAR
Male sib BRO
Many boxing wins, in brief KOS
Maui wreath LEI
Milk, in Metz LAIT
Missions, in brief OPS
Mornings, for short AMS
Museum item RELIC
Narratives STORIES
NBA coach Steve KERR
New York lake ONEIDA
North Pole pixies ELVES
Noted British prep school ETON
Novelist Morrison TONI
One shoring up branches, perhaps TREESURGEON
One stashing STORER
Opposite of SSW NNE
Oversee jointly CODIRECT
Party abbr. about drinks BYO
Permeates the internet GOESVIRAL
Plot out anew REMAP
Poetic Pound EZRA
Portrayer of Miss Hannigan in "Annie" CAROLBURNETT
Precursor of reggae SKA
Presidential son Reagan RON
Pug, for one DOG
Punk subgenre EMO
Related to the backbone SPINAL
Reverberated deeply RESONATED
Rip again RETEAR
Rock's Mötley — CRUE
Rocker Bonnie RAITT
Roman 102 CII
Scoundrel RAT
Sheepskin boot brand UGG
Small iPods NANOS
Some herons EGRETS
Split — (1980s new wave band) ENZ
Spying aid WIRETAP
Steak variety RIBEYE
Sty creature HOG
Suffix of shape names GON
Suffix with opal INE
Summer, in Metz ETE
Supposed supernatural mentor SPIRITGUIDE
Taken illicitly STOLEN
Tennis' Andre AGASSI
Thin, white mushroom ENOKI
Tic-tac-toe winning row OOO
Top of many a tenor's range HIGHC
Tow-offering org AAA
Track races RELAYS
Travel agency's getaway deal VACATIONPACKAGE
Trump's first wife IVANA
Turnstile, e.g GATE
TV unit SET
Two hours before noon TENAM
Tyke amuser TOY
Unfreeze DEICE
Verb form of "am," "is" or "are" PRESENTTENSE
Very delicate and light ETHEREAL
View closely PEERAT
Washes suds off of RINSES
Whale type ORCA
Winter pear BOSC
Word that can precede the starts of eight key words in this puzzle CHRISTMAS
Writer Orwell GEORGE
— -Alt-Del CTRL
— and aah OOH
— box (TV) IDIOT
— fours (little cakes) PETITS