New York Times - Dec 6 2022

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Clues Answers
'... ___ not in Kansas anymore' WERE
'Fros and fades DOS
'Girl in Progress' star with a line of cosmetics EVAMENDES
'Obviously!' WELLDUH
'Oh yeah, that sounds *super* plausible' IBET
'The Vagina Monologues' playwright EVEENSLER
'This matters to me how?' AND
20 Questions category ANIMAL
Alias inits AKA
Apt rhyme for 'cake' BAKE
Assembled MADE
Beauty supply giant ULTA
Bellicose humanoid of Middle-earth ORC
Bring to a new level ELEVATE
Bulb unit LUMEN
But nevertheless YET
Cause for a food recall, maybe ECOLI
Celeb gossip show ENEWS
Chest bumps? RIBS
Chew out BERATE
Civil rights leader who co-founded the N.A.A.C.P IDABWELLS
Clear plates, say BUS
Common wood for shoe trees CEDAR
Competitor of WaPo and W.S.J NYT
Covers for a king or queen? DUVETS
Crime show spinoff, familiarly SVU
Crossword direction: Abbr ACR
Custom WAY
Diminish LESSEN
Director of the miniseries 'When They See Us' AVADUVERNAY
Dissolute man, from the French ROUE
Epitome of simplicity ABC
Eye layer UVEA
Fish or mushroom feature GILL
Floral garland LEI
Full of creepy vibes EERIE
Greet with a 'grr' SNARLAT
Clues Answers
Hardest to pin down, say EELIEST
Iconic flight pattern VEE
Id's counterpart EGO
International cricket powerhouse INDIA
Japanese soy sauce TAMARI
Letter before psi CHI
Lit-___ CRIT
Make R-rated, say STEAMUP
Mathematician regarded as the first computer programmer ADALOVELACE
OB/GYN tests, informally AMNIOS
Occasions for egg-hunting EASTERS
Olympic stickers? EPEES
One hailed in the streets CABBIE
Org. with a cryptologic museum NSA
Pool divisions LANELINES
Portrayer of the nurse Marta Cabrera in 'Knives Out' ANADEARMAS
Potentially catastrophic DIRE
Punctuation in a web address DOT
Qatari leader EMIR
Rodential, say RATLIKE
Second-oldest record label in the U.S RCA
Shellackings BEATDOWNS
Short film? VID
Some computing platforms DESKS
Sudden forward thrust LUNGE
Sweetie HON
Take up a new residence MOVE
Terminus END
The Food Network's 'Barefoot Contessa' INAGARTEN
U.S.O. audience GIS
Universal, Paramount or Columbia STUDIO
Use, as a prayer mat KNEELON
Vaccine units, in brief CCS
Villainous BAD
Wetland wader with a down-curved bill IBIS
What sheepdogs do HERD
When doubled, a popular logic puzzle KEN
Wrangler alternative LEE