Wall Street Journal - Dec 6 2022 - Extreme Measures

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Clues Answers
“East of Eden” twin ARON
“It’s the end of ___” ANERA
“Lawrence of Arabia” star OTOOLE
“omg u r 2 funny!” LMAO
“Pretty please?” CANI
“The Office” receptionist PAM
*Crossword game that comes in a fruit-shaped pouch BANANAGRAMS
*Home of the Orioles CAMDENYARDS
*Oscar and Golden Globe nominee for 2012’s “The Impossible” NAOMIWATTS
*Side dish at many a pizza parlor GARLICKNOTS
Baby food choice PEAS
Ballet bend PLIE
Be compliant OBEY
Before, in verse ERE
Big swigs GULPS
Blazing AFIRE
Bottom-line number TOTAL
Bugs might be seen on one CEL
Cancer-Virgo go-between LEO
Capture NAB
Casino figure ODDS
City of seven hills ROME
Classification for lowly celebs DLIST
Colleague of Harrison, Lennon and McCartney STARR
Commuting choice BUS
Crossed out XED
Daily grind RUT
Dejected SAD
Deplete USEUP
Dream Team’s nat USA
Edmonton pro OILER
Ejections on the court? DISBARMENTS
Exchange jabs SPAR
Explorer of Canada’s coast CABOT
Fifth of a year? MAY
Gradually ease off WEAN
Hawkins with a day named for her SADIE
Hear again RETRY
Heeds, as advice ACTSUPON
Clues Answers
In the style of ALA
Ingredient of some stir-fries TOFU
It might be fair or threatening SKY
James Clavell novel set in Hong Kong TAIPAN
Jamie of “M*A*S*H” FARR
Leader at Talladega PACECAR
Letters on Cardinal caps STL
Like some winter nights SNOWY
Like the buildings at Machu Picchu INCAN
Many a modern cash register IPAD
Market indicator, familiarly DOW
Moment of quiet REST
Mystery radar blip UFO
Novelist Zora ___ Hurston NEALE
Org. that makes roadside rescues AAA
Orgs. that plan some book fairs PTAS
Out of patience FEDUP
Paintball need GUN
Pointer projection LASER
Position just left of the decimal point, or the last five squares of each starred answer UNITSPLACE
Pot, cups, saucers, etc TEAWARE
Public relations concern IMAGE
Raiders quarterback Derek CARR
Really dug something ATEITUP
Red Sox legend Williams TED
Rough guess STAB
Sen. Biden’s state DEL
Sneaker brand with a cat logo PUMA
Source of unforeseen trouble PANDORASBOX
Tech review site CNET
There are 200 in the Indianapolis 500 LAPS
They might be liberal or graphic ARTS
Three-time NBA Slam Dunk Contest champ Robinson NATE
Tom of “The Seven Year Itch” EWELL
Toward the propellers AFT
World Cup cheer OLE
___ Lingus AER
___ Medal (NAACP award) SPINGARN