USA Today - Jan 14 2023

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Clues Answers
'Antiracist Baby' author IBRAMXKENDI
'But at the same time . . .' for short OTOH
'Cogito, ergo sum' language LATIN
'Ding ding ding!' CORRECT
'Let's not talk about it' DONTASK
'That sounds like a problem' UHOH
'The package came!' ITSHERE
'Ungodly Hour' duo CHLOEXHALLE
'Whoa, check that out!' HEYLOOK
'___ Like You' (Adele hit) SOMEONE
Aishwarya ___ Bachchan RAI
An ___ on the agenda ITEM
Aubrey Gordon and Michael Hobbes, for the podcast 'Maintenance Phase' COHOSTS
Be dishonest LIE
Black-eyed ___ (food in a New Year's tradition) PEAS
Bloodsucking worm LEECH
Buffet chain Golden ___ CORRAL
Capital of Norway OSLO
Celebrity tribute with jokes ROAST
Characters in spy movies AGENTS
Color of some foxes RED
Cooked by browning and then simmering BRAISED
Dec. 25 XMAS
Device held by a comedian MIC
Environmentalist prefix ECO
Exhilarating HEADY
Extra newspaper sections INSERTS
Fail to include OMIT
Feeling insulted HURT
Female horse MARE
Fish tightly packed in a tin SARDINE
Fizzy brown drink COLA
Flash drive letters USB
Freeloader MOOCHER
Get the suds out RINSE
High-energy radiation HARDXRAYS
Kernels grow on it CORNCOB
Like diaries with locks PRIVATE
Clues Answers
Like running a marathon TIRING
List of options MENU
Newspapers, TV, etc MEDIA
Norse thunder god THOR
Number of sides a decagon has TEN
Optometrist's expertise EYECARE
Outdated OLD
Parka feature HOOD
Performance featuring arias OPERA
Play merrily FROLIC
Rebuff SPURN
Ride the waves SURF
River in Greek myth STYX
Roadwork substance TAR
Salad dressing ingredient OIL
Shenanigan ANTIC
Singer ___ Simone NINA
Something to scratch ITCH
Spoon, fork or spork UTENSIL
Spotted big cat LEOPARD
Steals a glance PEEKS
They're separated during pedicures TOES
Title for MLK (Abbr.) REV
Tool swung by a firefighter AXE
Toy on a string YOYO
Trigonometry function SINE
Was in charge of LED
Wedding answer IDO
Wildebeests GNUS
With nothing changed ASIS
[not my mistake] SIC
___ flush (poker hand) ROYAL
___ for the ride ALONG
___ greens (food in a New Year's tradition) COLLARD
___ Grey tea EARL
___ Manning, former Giants quarterback ELI
___ on the side of caution ERR