Universal - Dec 5 2022

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Clues Answers
"And ..." ALSO
"Desperate Housewives" actress Eva LONGORIA
"Do ___ others ..." UNTO
"I've had enough!" THATSIT
"If Beale Street Could Talk" star Layne KIKI
"OMG," archaically EGAD
"Whatever!" FINE
African state from 1971-'97 ZAIRE
Ancient Scandinavian NORSE
Answer to "Who's up next?" IAM
Apt-sounding name for an English janitor LOU
Audiophile's equipment STEREO
Big bag TOTE
Big name in canned fruits DELMONTE
Billionaire with a book club OPRAH
Blue Oyster Cult hit on Lucifer's playlist? BURNINFORYOU
Chia Pets or Pet Rocks, once FAD
Chuckles, slangily LOLS
Consumed ATE
Cultural ETHNIC
Cut in a dress SLIT
Days ___ (hotel chain) INN
Encouraging sign for a bargain hunter SALE
Fairy-tale beast OGRE
Family man, maybe DAD
Fifth Avenue store SAKS
Freshly baked bread's smell, e.g AROMA
Ga. airport that's the world's busiest ATL
Greek H ETA
Hippo's skirt in "Fantasia" TUTU
Homer Simpson's stomach BEERBELLY
Impressionism founder Claude MONET
Johnny Cash hit on Lucifer's playlist? RINGOFFIRE
Kitchen pests ANTS
Knee injury spot, for short ACL
Lies in the sun TANS
Like a haunted house EERIE
Lizzo hit on Lucifer's playlist? GOODASHELL
Clues Answers
Massage target KNOT
Mustang or Bronco FORD
No longer up next, in baseball ATBAT
Not doing anything IDLE
Oboe insert REED
Ono who sang with John Lennon YOKO
Part of a strong punch? RUM
Part of the large intestine COLON
Perform better than OUTDO
Pine tree, for one CONIFER
Pipes at a pot shop BONGS
Poodle variety TOY
Pound sounds ARFS
Predictive sign OMEN
Privy to INON
Pumpkin spice ___ (coffee drink) LATTE
Pungent ACRID
Regretted RUED
Resemble exactly MIRROR
Right of the accused FAIRTRIAL
Road division LANE
Rules as a monarch REIGNS
Scottish boy LAD
Shopping binge SPREE
Tea or toothpaste flavoring MINT
Teapot component SPOUT
The 411 INFO
Trammps hit on Lucifer's playlist? DISCOINFERNO
Tuscan tower city PISA
Type of list with tasks TODO
United ___ Emirates ARAB
Very long time EON
Very small: Prefix NANO
Word after "apres" SKI
Word aptly missing from _ix_d charg_ FEE
Word before "Abby" or "John" DEAR
Zig follower ZAG
___ for it (takes a chance) GOES