USA Today - Jan 5 2023

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Clues Answers
'Ave ___' MARIA
'Black Panther' director Coogler RYAN
'Can I ___ your closet?' RAID
'Heartwarming' stories about disabled people for abled audiences INSPIRATIONPORN
'It's freezing!' BRR
'Not only that . . .' AND
'What gives you that ___?' IDEA
'___-roh!' RUH
Anti-bug products REPELLENTS
Are real EXIST
Atoms with charges IONS
Bamboo-chomping bear PANDA
Bird's-___ view EYE
Brand of colorful cereal TRIX
Bummed SAD
Colleagues of MDs RNS
Country east of Senegal MALI
Decompose ROT
Devoured EATEN
Distant FAR
Dryly funny DROLL
Eel's place SEA
Epic story SAGA
Esports competitor GAMER
Expend USE
Fashion designer whose name is a term for a well-dressed man DAPPERDAN
Fish eggs ROE
Fish known for its bite PIRANHA
From Vietnam or Bangladesh, for example ASIAN
Hairy-sounding trees FIRS
Heart and ___ SOUL
Horoscope's author ASTROLOGER
Hotel room amenities TVS
Industrial explosive TNT
It might be half-price on a Tuesday TACO
Its shoulder doesn't shrug ROAD
Ladybug marking SPOT
Clues Answers
Negative response to an invite ICANT
Offspring of a vampire and a human DHAMPIR
Oh or Bullock SANDRA
Old Testament song PSALM
One or 11 in blackjack ACE
Pain reliever ASPIRIN
Pair for a snowy day BOOTS
Part for an actor ROLE
Part of a constellation STAR
Part of a league TEAM
Parts of avocados PITS
Pass over SKIP
Personal heroes IDOLS
Piece of body art, for short TAT
Places for flowers or snorers BEDS
Quick jump HOP
Quick look PEEK
Say 'Arrr' and 'Shiver me timbers' TALKLIKEAPIRATE
Secrecy document NDA
Shortest-named element TIN
Singer Morissette ALANIS
Snow mover PLOW
Supporters of 11-Down or 12-Down FANS
Surname that means 'high rock' PERALTA
The eighth, in Roman numerals VIII
The NHL's Toronto Maple ___ LEAFS
Tiny machine NANOBOT
Villainous facial expression SNEER
Vocal range lower than alto TENOR
Waterproof sheet TARP
Way of walking GAIT
What's between first place and a close second NARROWGAP
Works with needle and thread SEWS
___ Benevenuto, first openly gay FIFA ref IGOR
___ materials RAW
___-friendly ECO
___-frutti TUTTI