USA Today - Jan 4 2023

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Clues Answers
'Easier ___ than done' SAID
'Eastern Sounds' jazz instrumentalist YUSEFLATEEF
'Hurry up, let's go!' CMON
'I'll ___ to you on this one' DEFER
'I'm listening . . .' TELLMEMORE
'Such a pity' SOSAD
'We're on ___ way' OUR
'___ me every time' GETS
'___ the season!' TIS
Animals that mainly live in Sichuan PANDABEARS
Available from a keg ONTAP
Bakeware coating ENAMEL
Beloved celeb IDOL
Body scan type MRI
Came off as SEEMED
Chicken ___ (Filipino dish) ADOBO
Cleared tables BUSED
Come to a halt STOP
Comedy club hosts MCS
Confession from a liar IMADEITUP
Congress member (Abbr.) SEN
Country known as EE. UU. in Spanish USA
Criticizes strongly SLAMS
Defendant's defense ALIBI
Did a DJ set SPUN
Documents proving ownership DEEDS
Egg cells OVA
Eject lava and ash ERUPT
Elbow counterpart KNEE
Electronic drum booster AMP
End of the Greek alphabet OMEGA
Farmyard bleats BAAS
Felt remorse over RUED
Fire-setting crime ARSON
Foamy espresso drink without the jitters DECAFLATTE
Fodder tower SILO
Free of additives PURE
Fried ___ (Cantonese dessert) MILK
Clues Answers
Friend, in French AMIE
Fries or collard greens SIDE
Fruit not shared by Chinese couples PEAR
Garden with forbidden fruit EDEN
Generate feelings of love ENDEAR
Grumpy moods SNITS
Heartbeat indicators PULSES
Like drive-thru orders TOGO
Long-running quarrel FEUD
Make feel full SATE
Membership charge FEE
Miles ___ gallon PER
Mosquito attacks BITES
Odds' counterparts EVENS
Past, present or future TENSE
Pre-grown grass SOD
Prefix meaning 'self' AUTO
Primary MAIN
Receded from the shore EBBED
Results of addition SUMS
Ride on a board SURF
Scheduled to arrive DUE
Short moments, for short SECS
Six-point football scores, for short TDS
Skin care product thicker than toner SERUM
Soft skirt leather SUEDE
Take to be true ASSUME
Tegan's twin SARA
The equator and the Arctic Circle, for example LINESOFLATITUDE
Travel-size MINI
Up to this point YET
Wear away ERODE
Willing and ___ ABLE
Word before 'council' or 'elder' TRIBAL
www.tulane.___ EDU
___ ex machina DEUS
___ root, ingredient in kinpira renkon LOTUS
___-Cola COCA
___-med PRE