The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,158 - Nov 30 2022

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Clues Answers
A day after game is cut short ABRIDGED
Account for one taken in by former scheme EXPLAIN
Aircraft research facility turn on bore WINDTUNNEL
Answer warnings and help, as previously mentioned AFORESAID
Appearing in court, place will be distressed UPSET
Bishop setting up organ bank for Scotland? BRAE
Bush's first retreat for Prime Minister BLAIR
Conservative taunt or bluff CRAG
Crosby, maybe having to repay son, flaps BINGOWINGS
Cut off a story with neat twists ALIENATE
Demands nothing except energy, dedication and stamina at first NEEDS
Discussion group that's found in the kitchen? GASRING
Drove and tied up, keeping time MOTORED
Expensive to cross Belgium for hamper! DEBAR
Fails to cover scripture lessons for primates LORISES
Garment from India prone to be revealing APRON
Clues Answers
Get up about noon and wash RINSE
Happen orbiter route occasionally goes off COMETRUE
Hummer from California for robber? LADRONE
Independent church estate and country ICELAND
Jeopardise agreement with concessions COMPROMISE
Loopy game may see card-castle collapsing! CATSCRADLE
Marvellous degree that's relative GRANDMA
Put pressure on current boyfriend, perhaps SQUEEZE
Recognise as mostly crooked after reversal KNOW
Rifle fire SACK
Send up notes on copyright MIMIC
Sign on head of worried people such as these WOMEN
Some, at end, must be fodder for worms NEMATODES
Staff turn once assembled outside hotel TRUNCHEON
Stole fruit, puzzled, with credit for time SCRUMPED
Trade centres stocking some wild animals MARMOSETS