The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 28460

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Clues Answers
A bit like Harry’s craft? POTTERY
Alliance if led by British would be a cause of pain UNION
Briefly enjoy pinching fashionable clothing DHOTI
City once outstripping all others for the most part THEBES
Cockney tough guys died? That’s correct EMEND
Country lover Penny attending great show PATRIOT
Gloomy for one visiting local? NEGATIVE
Heavy-handed Congress obstructing writer from the south INEPT
I don’t think much of that Republican oaf BOOR
Irrational to be entertained by Dynasty recording TAPING
Looks? What’ll get you to the top, they say STARES
Maybe privatise public authority OUTSOURCE
No longer time: I state it’s the end EXTERMINATION
Nuns’ dirges tragically revealing all Undressing
One putting up with English vicar ERECTOR
Clues Answers
Only 50 per cent in battle MIDWAY
Picture of Bill next to the water in Biarritz TABLEAU
Pioneer’s dog found in lake? On the contrary SETTLER
Pound has a good reputation, like George Eliot? pen name
Radical message, not the first, going to engineers EXTREME
Reptile papa buried in ground TERRAPIN
Revenue wants to exclude capital EARNINGS
S, perhaps, for sport here? leisure centre
Stupidity of one racing when drunk IGNORANCE
Surgeon worried about Charlie’s bum SCROUNGE
Take off jumper, did you say? FLEE
Take offence, as Quasimodo did? get the hump
Too busy folk holding policemen back BESIDES
What hell I must suffer in corridors of power! WHITEHALL
Who will protect this carnivore? BEEFEATER