The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,149 - Nov 19 2022

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Clues Answers
Advice given by birth certificate? DELIVERYNOTE
Alliance building? Not quite BLOC
Artillery in working port ORAN
Contents of cylinder, viscous fuel DERV
Criticise winning every trick? SLAM
Cure is found by worker for whom I have great affection ANTIDOTE
Drivers touring ancient city creating atmosphere AURA
Endanger that erne fluttering THREATEN
Enlivened by article, I won on board ANIMATED
Gloomy linesman sent back DRAB
Happen again to be somewhat more curious RECUR
Harvest fruit to crop up again REAPPEAR
Intimidated, we drove criminal across America OVERAWED
Just over four weeks with gold furnishings DECOR
Keen about replacing motion, not second INTO
Clues Answers
Last team member, perhaps ELEVENTH
Listen twice to exclamation of approval HEARHEAR
Mounting castle maintenance UPKEEP
Notes contents of this small case WALLET
Old king at home? Smile GRIN
One or two girls that might add taste ROSEMARY
Press person with regard to beer REPORTER
Pure lady loses one pound VIRGINAL
Put peg in instrument SPINET
Restrict a railway line BOUNDARY
Stationer Sid revised thesis DISSERTATION
Turn up in notorious surroundings being overbearing ARROGANT
Type of storage facility with irregular entry RANDOMACCESS
Wandering after word of hesitation, hurried by square ERRANT
Was cautious after contract, unable to accept other opinions NARROWMINDED