Family Time - Nov 27 2022

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Clues Answers
"500" race INDY
"But wait, there's more" ALSO
"Difficult? Not at all" EASY
"Quit it!" STOP
Alley cat STRAY
Anti anti PRO
Be the headliner STAR
British trolley car TRAM
Bro or sis SIB
Call a plumber for one LEAK
Caspian and Coral SEAS
Deeply despise HATE
Des Moines' state IOWA
Easter hunt prize EGG
Fancy transports LIMOS
Fermentation sediment LEES
Foot digit TOE
Former Iranian title SHAH
Gold measure KARAT
Hard-working DILIGENT
Horse-drawn carriage SHAY
Inadequate SKIMPY
Italian or French vinaigrette (2 words) SALADDRESSING
Koi's place, often POND
Large African antelope GNU
Large amount SLEW
Last name among boxing legends ALI
Liberal ___ degree ARTS
Luxury hotel feature SPA
Move ___ bigger things (2 words) ONTO
Muscle contraction SPASM
Musical unit NOTE
Not fake REAL
Clues Answers
Not move STAY
Pants keeper-upper BELT
Pine or hanker YEN
Plural "is" ARE
Provides wonderment AWES
Raced RAN
Samples a drink SIPS
San Antonio's historical mission ALAMO
Sandwich pork HAM
Sign of a fire SMOKE
Skin a pear PARE
Some KFC servings THIGHS
Son in "The Incredibles" DASH
Speaks SAYS
Stair part STEP
Sticky stuff GOO
Stockpile AMASS
Thanksgiving veggie YAM
Tire pressure letters PSI
Tool for leather punching AWL
Tote something heavy LUG
Twilight Sparkle voice actress ___ Strong TARA
Underhanded throw TOSS
Untruth LIE
Vegan's no-no MEAT
Wagerer's chances ODDS
Water, in a Super Soaker AMMO
Where to get a shot ARM
Word with prayers AMEN
Yellow flower MARIGOLD
Yeses from sailors AYES
___ mater ALMA